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So You Think You Can Dance, June 9 – Possibly the Strongest 20 Ever

We’re not done with the dancing yet, just because the top 20 have all danced already. The top ten guys are taking on a Christopher Scott routine. They were expecting it to be just hip hop, but then found themselves mixing in contemporary as well, as Marko compares it to swimming in shallow water, then going straight into the deep end.

The top ten guys dance their routine to Velocity by Nathan Lanier. They’re all dressed in suits and entering the dance floor through doorways. It’s kind of a way for them to combine all the styles they worked on in Vegas into one. It’s a really powerful dance and just makes you sit up and notice them.

Lil’ C wants everyone to understand Chris Scott is the master of ceremonies when it comes to mixing styles of dance. He pops, waves, cuts, works, does
B-boying, tap, everything. You never know what you’re going to get with him. He congratulates them all on a successful ride through the jungles of extraordinary dancing.

Nigel compares it to the Matrix, and says not only does Christopher combine those styles, but he also entertains. He also warn the guys they need to be brilliant, as the girls are beasts this year. He notes the fans vote for girls as well as guys on this show, unlike others, obviously comparing it to American Idol.

The top ten girls combined on a dance by Sonya. The girls call it intense and traumatizing. Sonya plans to take the concept of a geisha girl and make her creepy, twisted, and exciting. She’s going to push them until they can’t be pushed anymore. Sasha feels like she’s going to puke, and Sonya welcomes her to So You Think You Can Dance. She thinks this is the strongest set of girls ever.

The top ten girls bring their Sonya choreography to Pop Drop & Roll by Chonique Sneed & Lisette Bustamante. Again, it’s hard to watch this group and realize this is just the beginning of the semifinals round. It’s just the beginning of the season. They’re all fantastic!

Mary can only bow and say she and the other judges are not worthy. She tells the ten girls they’re going to have to make some room on the hot tamale train. They have just defined what the whole season is all about. It’s a dream team of dancers. Lil’ C says when it comes to Sonya, S is for Synergy as she helps artists develop the dancer on the exterior and interior. O is for Obstacles that are meant to enhance not hinder. N is for Never as she eradicates that word from a dancer’s vocabulary. Y is for Yes, as he says it every time he watches her work, and A is for Abstract. These girls are the epitome of Sonya.

Nigel gives some advice to the top ten as a whole, saying next week twenty dancers will be dancing, and on Thursday, two of them will be going home. What they have to do now is find a way to stand out. This season, they’re allowing fans to vote online as well, with up to fifty votes allowed.

To wrap up the show, the top 20 take on a Tyce-choreographed routine as they dance to Little Bird by Annie Lennox. Again, all twenty are definitely strong. There isn’t anyone that I look at right now thinking they’ll be one of the first to eliminated. It’s going to be a fantastic season! Let’s hope they also boosted the staff this season with some type of trainers to help prevent the rash of injuries we saw last season.

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