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So You Think You Can Dance, June 9 – Possibly the Strongest 20 Ever

Tyce stood up to cheer and still hasn’t sat down. He calls this lineup a force to be reckoned with. He felt they brought it to the table just like Sonya. Robin calls this number so hot, comparing them to caged animals. The way the girls worked Marko was like, “Woo!” It was sexy!

Jess LeProtto and Nick Young are the only ones left of their dance styles. Nick tapped his way to Vegas, then really stood out once he got there, declaring it to be one of the best weeks of his life. Jess is a Broadway dancer who also did well in Vegas. He felt the judges could see him growing as a dancer.

Jess is up first in front of the judges tonight and Nigel tells him he’s really great at Broadway, but they were worried about the other styles and the arrogant side of his personality. Jess admits he did feel uncomfortable in hip hop and ballroom, but Nigel tells him he’ll need all that, as he made the top 20. Robin tells Nick he put a spark in her watching him dance, and that personality is what put him in the top 20.

Jess and Nick now take on a Christopher Scott-choreographed Broadway/tap number set to Funkier than a Mosquito’s Tweeter by Nina Simone. It’s a really unique blend of the two styles here. Nick really is an amazing tapper, and Jess also blends some tapping in with his Broadway style. Tappers never seem to do well on this show, however.

Nigel notes this warms the cockles of his heart, and he loved the idea of the musical dancer vs. the street dancer. He knows four girls can tap as well. He thinks out loud here, suggesting maybe they will put tap or samba in the hat, and if the dancer can do tap, they’ll get that so that the style doesn’t die out. Tyce things this proves dancers can be stars, saying the routine incorporated concept and theatricality, as it’s more than just dancing. The greatest dancers are the greatest actors.

With only five spots left to fill on the roster, there are four girls left. Caitlynn Lawson has told everyone since she was a little girl she would be on the show someday. Nigel told her in Vegas she was his favorite, and she keeps trying to remember him saying that when she feels doubts. Debbie talks to her about the things people have said about her, but adds the one thing that hasn’t been said, that she’s not going to make the top 20, as she is. See Robin? That’s how you do the fakeout. Ashley Rich makes it in as well.

This leaves Ryan Ramirez and Alexa Anderson both vying for what is probably the last spot for the girls. Cat notes they look likes sisters. Mitchell Kelly is in before them. He had a great week and feels he deserves to be in the top 20. Nigel mentions his smile, and Tyce tells him to keep doing it, as he made the top 20.

This leaves one guy’s spot left for either Alexander Fost or Jeremiah Hughes. It was emotional for Jeremiah to get this far after having left just before that in an earlier season. Alexander just wants to get it over with. Jeremiah doesn’t make it once again, while Alexander does.

It’s now between Ryan and Alexa for the last spot. Ryan also got close last year, and feels it’s made her more determined. Alexa made it to Vegas easily, then fell apart somewhat. She thinks it would be incredible for her family to see her dance. Nigel asks her what happened in between her audition and Vegas, and she feels she lost it in hip hop and couldn’t get it back. Ryan doesn’t think she showed all her potential last year, but she knew she was better than that. She finally has made it, while Alexa will hopefully give it a second try next year.

It’s the last group up to dance, Caitlyn, Ashley, Mitchell, Alexander, and Ryan. They take on some Travis Wall choreography, set to Moths Wings by Passion Pit. It’s as every bit stunning as any other Travis Wall routine.

Robin calls this a celebration of dance, saying it was stunning. It was like Travis choreographed the leaves to move with the dancers. It was fluid, strong, but felt soft at the same time. It was an absolutely moving experience. Mary found it to be like a beautiful fall breeze, with leaves and legs flying and defying gravity, floating across the stage. They were like five seasoned dancers up there, and the choreographer, who was once a contestant himself, is seasoned and ready to go. It was magic up there.


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