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So You Think You Can Dance, June 9 – Possibly the Strongest 20 Ever

There are just two street dancers left, Robert “Woo Man” Taylor Jr. and Bryce “Professor Lock” Johnson. Throughout Vegas and the auditions, “Woo!” and “indubitably” were heard often. Tyce tells Professor Lock they’re all in agreement that he impressed them, and Mary tells Woo Man he’s probably the oldest contestant to stand in that spot. Professor Lock doesn’t make it through, meaning Woo Man does. Mary tells him some things get better with age.

Chris, Wadi, Tadd, and Robert take on a hip hop routine of Dave Scott’s to the song Everyday (Coolin’) by Swizz Beatz featuring Eve.
Watching these guys on hip hop is definitely interesting, and we know that if they have made it this far, that they were also able to hold their own with the other dance styles. It could be a very exciting season! They even join Cat in a kick line at the end.

Lil’ C, asked if it’s a chorus line of buckness, answers “Indubitably.” To be great at any style of dance, it’s about having certain ingredients to formulate an impeccable recipe. For hip hop, you need power, performance, passion, personality, precision, and perfection, and under Master Chef Dave Scott, they served themselves up a nice serving of hip hop soufflé. Robin finds these guys so unique and with so much character. She says this is what hip hop is all about, and what she loved about the choreography, is that while it was tough and masculine, it was also light as a feather and sexy.

Moving on to ballroom, there were just two survivors in the top thirty-one, Iveta Lukosiute and Lenny Progue. Lenny is feeling confident after much success in Vegas, and he isn’t even thinking of the possibility he won’t make it. Mary tells him they find him to be extraordinary in ballroom, but there needs to be more growth in the other styles. Sadly, he doesn’t make it it, saying, “c’est la vie.”

Iveta knows this is her last chance because of the age limit. Mary notes that in each of her other seasons, she put herself out there, and all of them admire her for that. She’s one of the world’s best ballroom dancers, and while sometimes Mary is asked to do things she doesn’t want to do and to deliver bad news, she won’t be the one to put her in danger. The voters are the only ones that can, as she has finally made the top 20.

They can’t let Iveta dance alone, so she gets a special partner, Pasha Kovalev, who everyone would want to dance with, on a Jason Gilkison routine set to Yen A Baular (On the Floor) by Jennifer Lopez featuring Pitbull. Pasha just makes everything exciting and sexy. How can you fail with him?

Mary notes there sure was a party going on there. She congratulates Iveta, saying it was great to have a World Champion in ten dances on this stage. Her technique was ridiculous, and Jason’s routine just showed her off. Nigel hasn’t been this excited since Pasha and Anya danced. He thinks we need to find a guy to live up to this standard. He loves her humility, that she’d humble herself and keep returning to the show. They’ve realized the error of their ways, and now the season will be just that much better with her in it.

Bridget Krause and Clarice Ordaz are still hanging around. The judges loved Clarice’s Vegas solo, and Mary tells her tonight she looks stunning. They loved everything she did, but they haven’t ever had as many amazing jazz dancers in the competition as this season does, yet she makes it. It’s bad news for Bridget, though, as well as Tae Kwon.

Marko Germar has survived an armed robbery and still has a bullet in his shoulder, Tyce thinks the other dancers could learn a lot from him, and that’s why he’s in the top 20.

Jordan Casanova likes to seduce the audience, but is also intent on being the sexy one. Debbie tells Jordan she has a powerful presence when she dances at just 18. She could use more time, but why wait? They all want her in the top 20. Missy Morelli isn’t sure if there will still be room for her. Robin tells her it’s about being the best at everything, and while she worked very hard, she has made it. Robin needs some work on that delivery.

With a Sonya Tayeh (with a full head of hair!) routine, it’s Clarice, Marko, Jordan, and Missy, dancing to Vanguardian by Steed Lord. The level of their technique even at this stage is absolutely stunning. That can’t be stressed too much.


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