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So You Think You Can Dance, June 8 – Rapid Fire Vegas Round

Ryan dances with Robert Roldan to be sure she has a solid partner. The pain is not obvoius. Debbie tells he she dances with a passion, determination, and a pure love of dance they’re looking for. She was absolutely beautiful and is put through.

At 7:30 at night, Jeremiah and Arielle are up. This is the round where he blew up last time. She auditioned multiple times before as welll, always leaving this round or earlier. DC is in this group as well. This ought to be a huge challenge for him. While he awaits the judges’ decision, he says to himself, “It’s all we could do.”

Debbie notes to insecurity about what Arielle would do. It’s the end of the road for her again. She is completely stunned. Jeremiah is told he definitely stepped up and delivered, so he’s moving on this time.

Tyce tells DC they want to thank him for his work, but at this time it’s not going to cut it. They don’t want him to beat himself up, but he says he can’t go home. He begs to dance for his life, as he doesn’t want to face the people back home.

Debbie urges DC to see himself for who he is and where he is. He is a success, and he has to look at it like that and need s o make a plan at home to get what he needs. She promises to help him if he doesn’t go out of here feeling defeated. She tells him if he thinks this was work, he’s going to get his butt kicked. The crowd chants DC as he leaves. It’s also the end for Chyna, as it’s just not enough, yet she feels like she’s grown so much in the week.

Natalia is back after rmissing the whole contemporary round. She explains to Nigel that they’re pretty sure she has diabetes. She wanted to dance, though, and was given the go-ahead as long as she eats right.

NIgel surprisingly gives Natalia a free pass to the solo round, letting her bypass contemporary. She performs her solo and dances out her emotons to I Wish It Would Rain. Everyone else dances their solos as well, with Clarice Ordaz, 19, of Whittier, CA, doing a gorgeous and strong dance.

It’s time for some cuts, as Kelsey is sent home. Natalia is asked to tell the judges why she should be in the top 20. She states she was always the bigger girl, and she always knew she had something, but didn’t know she was good enough to be with these other dancers. She notes it would be great to inspire others that go through the same thing, bringing Mary to tears, and almost Nigel.

Natalia and Sasha make it through, although 24 more dancers are cut, including Kimalee Piedad, Chase Thomas, and Amber Williams. Sadly, Alexis is also sent home, but knows she’s still real young and can come back.

With the top 20 being announced on Thursday night, apparently they do plan to keep this as rapid fire as possible. It doesn’t seem like we’ve gotten a chance to know the contestants very much, other than people like Natalia and Sasha who are being promoted. Even Alexis and DC were promoted, but were sent home. It will be interesting to see if the most of the top 20 were highlighted, or if they will be total surprises.

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