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So You Think You Can Dance, June 8 – Rapid Fire Vegas Round

There are 39 guys left and 35 girls at 10 PM, and they are headed to the group round. They are put into the groups and choose CDs of music at random, left to choreograph the routines on their own.

In the beginning of day three at 7 AM, the dancers admit to running on caffeine an adrenaline at this point. Natalia is struggling, and Sasha gets her some help. Her group is stuck waiting for her. They know they can’t perform without her.

The first group is Bridget Krause, Caitlynn Lawson, Ricky Jaime, Clarice Ordaz, and Wadi Jones. They got along well, with little to no problems putting this one together. It’s a Broadway number, and Tyce seems to dig what they’ve done with it. They have no problems working around four contempory dancers and one B-boy.

Debbie thinks even Bob Fosse would enjoy this routine, and Adam, now back on the panel, notes it never seemed they were ripping it off, but winking at it. He’s very proud of them. They obviously all make it through.

By lunch time, the paramedics clear Natalia to dance, and she’s joined on stage by her group, consisting of DC Chapman, Arielle Coker, Dashi Mitchell, and Jordan Casanoa. Natalia explains her morning to the judges, with support of the other members of the group. It was DC who was struggling last night, though, and stormed off. Natalia was the one to smoothe it all over. Nigel tells Natalia if she’s going to throw up to turn away and do it the other direction.

The group dances to Grenade, and Natalia’s influence is seen in this choreography. Tyce felt good through it, and Robin felt it throghout. Nigel mentions Natalia’s size again and says she’s doing it brilliantly and knocking down walls and barriers. DC works through his emotions admitting to some of his fears to get to this point. Nigel tells him to knock down the walls and climb the mountains. They all make it through. Natalia is appreciative of the support of her group.

After some fun in the sun of Vegas around the pool for the remaining 67, the contemporary round is up next. Nigel admits this round is generally a bloodbath. Travis Wall is choreographing with assistance from season three’s Jaimie Goodwin, and last season’s Robert Roldan. Travis thinks this will show who the top 20 should be.

Ryan Ramirez is struggling through some pain, leaving the stage and icing her back. Cat Deeley makes her promise to stop if she’s that hurt. Nigel talks to her, and she explains her tailbone is hurting so much it’s difficult to stand. He wants her to get an x-ray. She asks what happens the next round then, and he doesn’t know yet.

Natalia is still struggling as well, and also goes to the hospital. Sasha realizes she’s missing and goes out to talk to the paramedics. She wanted to go with her, but Natalia told her to get back in. Sasha now has to pull it together and is up for the contemporary round with Professor Lock, Natalia’s jive partner. All eyes are on them.

After, Sasha is asked how her sister is, she notes she had low blood sugar and was sent to the hospital. She makes it through to the next round, as does the Professor, Robert, Wadi, and Lil O. Another male dancer who is told to never wear that outfit again, which looks like a sundress, makes it as well.

Ryan returns from the hospital and announces it’s not a fracture or break, but she has a lot of brusing and swelling and is good to dance. She hasn’t rehearsed much, so tries to catch up with Jaimie and Robert. She’s still in pain and tells Nigel she’s not going to let it stop her from dancing.


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