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So You Think You Can Dance, June 8 – Rapid Fire Vegas Round

Those receiving a second chance, including Chyna and Iveta, take the stage again, and both seem to do better. After, Nigel asks Iveta wht she did with the night stick she used in her solo, and tells her to beat herself over the head with it for how poorly she did the first time. Both she and Chyna make it through.

First up for the remaining dancers on day two in Las Vegas is Broadway with Tyce Diorio. The girl’s character in this is 100% trash, “in a good way.” Tyce tells the guys they aren’t just holding, though, as they’re always filling in. Jason Gilkison joins the panel in Adam’s place. Wadi is recovered and paired up with Jordan Casanova, 18, of Chino Hills, CA. This role should be up her alley after performing to Naughty Girl in her audition.

Jordan and Wadi perform the Broadway routine for the judges, along with Jennifer Watanabe and Virgil “LIl O” Gadson, 23, of Philadelphia, PA. Theyre both happy to be paired up with someone else small. Jason tells Jessica she and Lil O were the cutest on the planet and had a lot of chemistry. They make it through. She notes it’s a lot easier when she’s looking him in the eye and not his belly button. Jordan is told she owned it, and Wadi, while being far removed from his genre, is told he rocked it.

Chyna, Natalia, and Sasha all do well with the Broadway, as do Derion “D.C.” Chapman, 23, of Reseda, CA, and Robert Taylor Jr., 30, of Brooklyn, NY. All make it through to the next round. Rebecca Hart and Jeremia Hughes are up next. She’s been to Vegas four seasons before and always gets so close, but never gets through. He first auditioned in season four, then lost his temper after messing up in Mia’s choreography.

Jeremiah is told his timing was off, but that he needs to pull himself together as they put him through. He felt chemistry with Rebecca, but she is told she’s being sent home. She begs to dance for her life, but Tyce feels she should have attacked it after being here so many times before. Nigel tells her at 22, she’s a fighter, and she’ll get there and make it eventually.

It’s late in the afternoon and time for the jive with half of the contestants they started Vegas with. Jason lends his choreography to this and talks about it being fast and a chance to really connect with a partner. It’s very physically demanding, with the footwork taking a toll on the girls. Ryan Ramirez, who just barely missed the finals last season, has to ditch her shoes.

Natalia is paired with a guy, Josh Williams, who is a little smaller than her, and they struggle about the lifts. Nigel splits them up, giving them a shot at doing it with different partners later. Sasha and Ryan are up next. Sasha it told the knees have to stay together, but she brought enough to it to make it through ot the next round, as does Ryan.

Natalia is now paired with street dancer Bryce “Professor Lock” Johnson. With Sasha looking on , they perform again for the judges. She does much better with someone who can more easily handle her size. Nigel tells her there are no words for the joy she brought to the routine.

Alexis Mason, 18, of Miami, FL, sister of season five winner Jeanine, is up last. Tyce tells her before the routine they need her to come alive, yet during the routine he notes there’s no flair, and she and her partner fail with the last landing ater she moves through his legs. Tyce notes they are worried about the leel of maturity with her. They want to have yeses across the board with her and ask her to dance for her life. She notes the extra pressure on her as the sister of a winner.

Not ready to go home yet, Alexis intends to bring the passion to her routine. The crowd loves it, but will the judges? Nigel tells her every time she does her solo it’s full of angst with a slightly closed eye. He wonders if she is still too immture at 18.

Nigel votes no, and while Mary agrees with his assessment, she is voting yes because of what Alexis did with her body. Tyce admits to feeling conflicted and votes yes. Debbie thinks she’s beautiful and a diamond in the rough, and she’s seen her grow. She would like to see more, so votes yes, putting her through. She thinks she’ll be stronger tomorrow and prove she belongs there.


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