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So You Think You Can Dance – Who's Who in Las Vegas 2011

Hero McRae, 26, of Hollywood, CA. She’s originally from Japan and has been in the country four years. She feels her people have such discipline, but are too straight, forgetting about expression. She did a great robot-type dance and got a standing ovation from the crowd. Nigel loved what she did. Mary told her she was definitely something else and is extraordinary and a star. Tyce thought it was magnificent, ridiculous and incredible.

Patty Anne Miller, 28, of Los Angeles, CA. She had a real tomboy style, and started dancing at the age of five, then added drumming to the mix five years later. It’s the drumming she feels when she dances. She graduated from the Berkley School of Music on a full scholarhsip as a drummer. Five seconds into her audition, Nigel told Mary he loved Patty Anne. Mary saw her as really strong at what she’s doing. Tyce called her “frigging cute.”

Melanie Moore, 19, of Marietta, GA. An art major in college, she likes to draw and paint people. Her dad died after a liver transplant when she was 12. She normally does well in competitions. Nigel noted that every year he gets to see someone like her he falls in love with, and he thinks they’ll win it all, but they get to Vegas and it doesn’t work out. He promised to hunt her down if the same thing happens. Mary doesn’t remember having this much damn fun in eight seasons, and ‘Lil C didn’t even feel clapping would do her justice.

Kimalee Piedad, 27, of Fort Walton, Beach, FL. She and her non-competing partner were matched up really well dancing to the song Gravity. Nigel thought they were fabulous, and Mary agreed, calling it beautiful dancing. ‘Lil C saw them as really good with a potential to be excellent.

Ryan Ramirez, 18, of Morgan Hill, CA. She made the top 24 last season, but just missed making the finals, and told Nigel this time she thinks she has found herself as a dancer. His thoughts were, “Beautiful girl, beautiful dance, and beautiful performance.” Toni felt she exemplified controlled abandon, if there were such a thing. Tyce could tell she’s worked and says her legs were straighter and had more power.

Ashley Rich, 22, Emeryville, CA. She doesn’t think she could work in an office, feeling that would be a little scary. Nigel felt she had great feeling for her movement and was a beautiful light on the stage. Toni compared the performance to that feeling when you wrap yourself in a blanket on a Sunday afternoon when it’s raining and there’s a fire outside. But she wondered if Ashley could give her Saturday night crazy as well. Tyce called it a hot ticket and found she moved like a deer flying and jumping through the forest.

Mary Kate Sheehan, 18, of Brooklyn, NY. She did Irish step-dancing. She won the last three regional championships, top five in the nation, and top in the world as well. Nigel thought she had a lovely bounce to her dance, and he loved the use of the stage. Mary found it powerful, yet noted it looked so effortless. Jason agreed. She made it through after choreography, but it wasn’t a unanimous decision.

Chyna Smith, 19, of Pocatello, ID. She is obsessed with So You Think You Can Dance and has danced with the alums before. Her mother danced with the Osmonds. Chyna reminded Nigel a little bit of Mollee Gray. He thought she had a star quality, sexuality, and sensuality. Mary saw technique underneath and wants to see her grow as a dancer. If Robin were casting Pussycat Dolls, Chyna would be at the top of her list.

Robert Taylor Jr., 30, of Brooklyn, NY. He was nicknamed the Woo Man. The first Woo he does is when a teacher does something cool, the second one is for the ladies, and the third one is for everybody. Nigel sang “Now or Never” to him because it was his last shot at this because of his age. It had everything Nigel has been looking for with hip hop. Mary found him to be the most entertaining person of the day. Jason agreed he did what some people forget to do, and that’s entertain them.

Chase Thomas, 22, of Provo, UT. He auditioned in just a Speedo, believing in the human body and the lines it can create. He also mentioned he found his fiancée cheating on him, but got over it and got married to someone else recently. His routine was cut off and the judges wanted to see more.

Amber Williams, 18, of Brigham City, UT. She was very excitable and remarked she was ready to dance her “little tusher” off. Tyce found her to be the type of person who gets on the stage and commands attention with her body doing amazing things and a quirky personality. Toni loved the mix, white girl freaky with ghetto funky. Nigel made comparisons to the magic of the 60s dancers Shirley MacLaine, Juliet Prowse, and Ann-Margaret, yet was “not sure what we just let out of the cage.”

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