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So You Think You Can Dance – Who's Who in Las Vegas 2011

Brian Henry, 22, of Brooklyn, NY. He felt like he was writing with his body in his own personal krumping style. He claimed to not be violent, then dissed Russell Ferguson and ‘Lil C. He took off his shirt mid-dance, and Mary could only say “Mercy.” Nigel jokingly asked if he can make it look more masculine next time. He figures it came from a frustration, but Brian stated it was a praise dance and comes from Christ. Mary noted it’s great to be confident and cocky, but that he needed to be careful knocking others down. Jason couldn’t imagine him doing a Broadway number, the Viennese waltz, or the cha cha.

Bianka Hinklerian, 18, of Miami, FL. She danced a very fast Colombian style Latin dance. Her 17-year-old partner was told to come back next year. Nigel thought both of them had ants in their pants, while Mary Murphy called it the fastest salsa she’s ever seen. ‘Lil C noted the tendency to lose focus with faster music, yet thought Bianka and her partner didn’t.

Danielle Ihle, 18, of Livermore, CA. In her sophomore year, her dad told her they had to be out of their house, and they lost both that and their car when he lost his job. With they family out on the street, he then abandoned them. Toni mentioned her strength because of the spinning, but felt the emotions left her flat and wanted her to fix her facial expressions. Tyce agreed that her strength was mainly in her pirouettes. He found it solid, but wanted more from her performance. Nigel found it a shame it was so angst-ridden looking.

Brandon Jones, 26, of New Brunswick, NJ. Nigel told him he had wonderful technique with terrific breadth of movement. Jason noted they couldn’t argue with the cheering audience, and found him to be a strong male dancer with so much softness and power. Mary could see he has a joy for dance. He mentioned losing his father in a trucking accident and said it rocked his world.

Jess LeProtto, 18, of Little Falls, NJ. He’s an actor, dancer, and singer. If asked to describe his audition, he would say it is fun, technical, and old-fahsioned. He danced to Mack the Knife. He’d gotten some advice on his performance regarding his lack of smiling, yet Nigel didn’t feel he was enjoying it. Mary agreed, saying if she would have felt something more, she would have been standing up screaming.

Deon Lewsa Jr., 18, of Atlanta, GA. Everyone thinks he and his dancing partner, Damon Bellmon, are brothers. Nigel didn’t know anyone who wouldn’t be entertained by their routine. Mary thought they really came with a plan for it with comedy and movements. ‘Lil C didn’t think you could buy that kind of connection with the way they showcased their friendship. Nigel felt Deon brought extra personality.

Natalia Mallory, 18, of Bakersfield, CA. She auditioned with her sister, Sasha, doing what they called a combination of modern and African. They feared being seen as a one-trick pony. They push each other. Nigel was shocked by Natalia, and thought she brought so much heart and technique to it. Mary thought they were cute together, and could see their love of dance. Tyce agrees about the chemistry and piece as a whole, but wanted more.

Sasha Mallory, 18, of Bakersfield, CA. She auditioned with her sister, Natalia, doing a modern and African combination. They’re best friends as well as sisters. She said they never fought, but Natalia disagreed. Nigel thought Sasha had everything going for her with beautiful technique and facility.

Alexis Mason, 18, of Miami, FL. She’s season’s 5 winner Jeanine’s sister, who she’s often confused of. She was afraid her sister was too hard of an act to follow. Nigel warned her to be careful of opening her mouth, comparing it to a goldfish. Mary enjoyed seeing the sisters share this kind of experience. Tyce thought the part where Alexis looked out at Jeanine in the audience during her dance was a real moment.

Jeffrey McCann, 28, of Sacramento, CA. He’s been a B-Boy for the past eighteen years and on his own since fifteen. Tyce said “Heck yeah!” after watching him. Toni was drowned out by the cheers, and Nigel just stuck a Vegas ticket on his forehead.

Devon McCullough, 20, of Salt Lake City, UT. She and her partner did a stepping routine and got a standing ovation form the audience. Mary thought their personalities really shone, but because of their different form of dance, wasn’t sure if they could do anything else. Robin noted no room for error in their routine, and Nigel mentioned how much he loves stepping with big crews as well as just two. Devon made it through, while her partner didn’t.


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