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Top Chef: Masters 3 – Ep 8 – She Blinded Me With Science

Quickfire – Chefs must make a breakfast dish in 10 minutes, but must cook using a microwave. Stone, Frances Callier and Angela V. Shelton – better known as Good Looking Aussie Dude with the Comic Duo Frangela, judge them. Presumably the two ladies were selected because comics keep weird hours and have to cook breakfast in the microwave. Whatever. They were basically unfunny except for when they slyly tried to get Stone to disrobe.

The only real setback to the challenge is that the chefs were given a wide array of microwave cooking devices. Which makes the challenge really about doing it quickly and working around the quirks of microwave cooking. Meh.

Beast – Egg, Bacon, Spinach and Chanterelles on Biscuit with Fruit Salad – It looked good, even if she thinks it looked like a six-year-old made it. It was a classic breakfast sandwich, but Frangela thought it did not taste like grandma’s.

Unibrow – Baked Egg, Chanterelles, Bacon and Tomato – The ladies like their eggs runny, and clearly must have forgotten this was made in a friggin microwave. They did like his bacon. That’s what she said.

Mary Sue – Goat Cheese and Avocado on Baguette, Bacon Vinaigrette – It was hard and messy. That’s what she said. I’ll be here all week. It was a lovely midnight snack. That’s what sh….oh, it’s just too easy.

Floyd – Chanterelles, Bacon and Spinach Omelets, with Grilled Tomatoes = Stone thinks he saw this dish on an airplane. I think he’s used to First Class, because most of us peons just get peanuts or pretzels. If we’re lucky. The texture is lovely though.

Traci – Oeuf en Cocotte, Chanterelles, Bacon and Bananas with Lime – They love the presentation, not the execution. Traci cooked only the egg yolks and served in an empty eggshell. Soooo, it was healthy.

Bottom Two – Mary Sue and Traci. MS’ bread was too hard, like a football. Traci’s was not filling, despite the artistry. I think Mary Sue should have gotten points for not using chanterelles.

Top Two – Floyd and Unibrow. Floyd’s was moist and delicious, while Unibrow’s was beautiful and inspired.
Unibrow wins, his last bit of good news on the show. He joked that he only won the odd challenges – bugs, senses and microwaves.