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So You Think You Can Dance, June 2 – Nigel Calls L.A. Best Day

The next day starts out with Joe “Big C” Doyle, 29, of Pasadena, CA. He’s dressed like Santa Claus and claims he’s from the North Pole, stating he spreads cheer all year round and gives presents to all the good boys and girls. He does a hip hop dance, and at the end, rips his clothes off to show his nipples dancing.

Nigel asks Big C what ‘Lil C is going to say when he sees him. Big C thinks he’ll say, “Buuuuuck!” Tyce asks what he’s doing, and he scunches his stomach together and shows his “6-pack.” Nigel figures there will be a lot of kids blocking their chimneys, and Mary suggests they’ll be setting fire in them. He’s dismissed and tells the camera it will be “back to the workshop.”

Season 5 winner Jeanine Mason’s sister, Alexis, 18, of Miami, jokes she found “this girl” out in the hallway. Seriously, they look like twins. She admits she gets people confusing her for Jeanine all the time. She was afraid to audition after her sister did it and feels like she can’t not do it, yet Jeanine says if she fails, she can’t come home. Alexis tells Nigel it’s difficult, but a privilege, as her sister is an inspiration. Talent can strike twice in a family, apparently, just like the Schwimmers.

Nigel tells Alexis to be careful of one thing, and that’s opening her mouth. He sees the emotion in her face and wants to go with her, but she has a slight goldfishing going on, as Jeanine does the throat-slicing move from the audience. It was absolutely beautiful control and content and thrilling to watch. Mary tells Alexis she’s an amazing dancer just like her sister. She can’t tell her how fun it is to see them share this kind of experience on the show. Tyce notes the part where Alexis looked out at Jeanine in the audience during her dance. It was a real moment. Nigel asks Mary if she has a seat on the hot tamale train, and Mary gives her a ticket, as Nigel gives her a ticket to Vegas.

Cat tells Patty Anne Miller, 28, of L.A., she loves her look. It definitely has a tomboy appeal to it. She states it’s what she’s all about, as she’s a hip hop dancer and loves freestyling. She started dancing at the age of five, and added drumming to the mix five years later. It’s the drumming she feels when she dances. She tells Nigel she’s a style consultant. Five seconds into her audition, Nigel is already telling Mary he loves Patty Anne. The crowd does as well.

Nigel mentions Patty Anne’s secrets. She graduated from the Berkley School of Music on a full scholarship as a drummer. He finds her really unique and asks what other dance styles she’s done, but she’s too busy crying to answer. Mary tells Patty Anne she’s fun and really strong at what she’s doing. Tyce calls her frigging cute. Nigel’s going to need a style consultant in Vegas, so offers her a ticket. She breaks down in tears.

Natalia and Sasha Mallory, 18 and 23, of Bakersfield, CA, are doing what they call a combination of modern and African. They don’t want to be seen as a one-trick pony. They push each other and are best friends as well as sisters. Nigel asks if they fight, and Sasha says never, while Natalia seems to have another answer. Their unique combination of dance is really good.

Nigel tells the sisters he’s really shocked, and more than anything by Natalia. Sasha obviously has “the better physique,” but Natalia brings so much heart and technique to it, s he’s absolutely tremendous. He tells Sasha she has everything going for her with beautiful technique and facility. Mary says they’re too cute together, and can see their love of dance. Tyce agrees about the chemistry and piece as a whole, but kind of wants more. He wants to know if they know how to take the audience on this journey with them. The sisters move on to choreography.

Katee Shean and Jakob Karr teach the choreography group that includes the sisters. Sasha gets a ticket to Vegas, and Nigel tells Natalia she was so close, that she should come down and get a ticket as well.

Nigel at one point summed up the first day of auditions saying he thinks this is the best day they’ve ever had. Indeed, I’m ready to forget the first two nights of auditions, Vegas, and just go to the performance rounds with this group.
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