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So You Think You Can Dance, June 2 – Nigel Calls L.A. Best Day

Have you picked your favorites yet for this season of So You Think You Can Dance? You better hurry, as tonight is your last chance to find one. This is the last night of auditions, leading into Las Vegas week starting next week. I’m guessing they’re holding out on us, and that there’s a lot of excellent talent we’ll be introduced to in Las Vegas, as there hasn’t been really anyone who has stuck out to me yet.

In Los Angeles, our judges tonight are Nigel Lythgoe, Mary Murphy, and Tyce Diorio. Their first subject will be Jordan Casanova, 18, of Chino Hills, CA, who is focusing on a Hollywood makeover and an alter ego of being fierce. She warns she’s a completely different person onstage. She’ll be performing Naughty Girl by Beyoncé. She’s as billed, and much different than the sweet young thing on the screen a few moments ago

Nigel, all smiles, can’t even speak. Mary tells Jordan it was one of the hottest performances she has ever seen. She’s just 18, but nailed it from the second she walked out and is so self-confident. Tyce doesn’t even have words, saying it’s like naughty, naughty, naughty girl. He loved it top to bottom. Nigel has to be careful to not sound like a dirty old man, but does say he always asks dancers to grab the audience, and she picked him up and threw him around, dropped him down, kicked him, and picked him up again. He was worried about having another heart attack. The three judges don’t vote, but all making “flying wings” with their hands. She’s off to Vegas.

Derion “D.C.” Chapman, 23, of Reseda, CA, is with his girlfriend who is pregnant, and he’s really excited about becoming a father. Cat Deeley asks if this was a planned pregnancy, and after some laughter, he uncomfortably says they planned it. He’s still living at home and having a lot of fun. His mom thinks he’ll be an awesome father.

D.C. explains all the styles he’l be doing for the judges, and the audience is quite excited about him doing the Dougie. He even teaches Nigel how to do the Cat Daddy. He mentions being scared to audition last year, and that his girlfriend promised to come with him and support him this year. He’s the most entertaining dancer I’ve seen so far this year, and it completely matches his personality.

Nigel doesn’t think he’s enjoyed a routine like this since season four when Twitch did the conducting. Mary agrees, saying it’s the most entertaining thing she has ever seen. Tyce tells D.C. people like him are a rarity. What he did was so unbelievably loud, he won’t be forgetting it. Nigel believes D.C. transcends what the show is about. As D.C.’s girlfriend cries in the audience, Nigel adds that there’s no way he can compare that to a ballet or jazz routine. It stands out by itself. The crowd chants Vegas, and he in fact gets that ticket.

Arielle Coker, 21, of L.A., has tried out every year, each time making it further and further. She hopes this year she can make the top 20. She’ll be back next year if she doesn’t. Mary thinks she’s stronger, and Tyce agrees. I remember her face, but not her dancing. What she’s doing today, though, I’ll remember. She gets a standing ovation from the audience.

Nigel tells Arielle he wondered if the amount of work had paid off, but now he truly thinks it has. It was absolutely mesmerizing, and he particularly enjoyed this toe-tapping thing she did as she spun around. He felt she captivated the energy that was coming out of her. She has improved every single year. Mary loved every single second of the piece. When you talk about a knock-out number that has it all, that was it. Tyce hasn’t ever seen someone come back with more of a fire in their eyes. Nigel notes she has to come a little further, though, as she needs to come down to get a ticket to Vegas.

Hero McRae, 26, of Hollywood, thinks America is changing her dancing “super duper much.” She notes that Japanese people have such discipline, they’re practicing straight, again and again, but tend to forget about expression. Once she meets the judges, Nigel congratulates her on her English skills after just being in the country four years. She notes she doesn’t have money to go to school, so she learns from friends, movie, radio, and from her lover at the time. She does a great robot-type dance and gets a standing ovation from the crowd.

Nigel doesn’t know what’s happening today and doesn’t know if she’d be any good at doing anything else or with a partner, but he doesn’t care. He loves what she just did. Mary tells her she is definitely something else and is extraordinary and a star. Her movements were so articulate. Tyce just asks “What?” Everything about this is magnificent, ridiculous and incredible. Nigel then realizes they’ve been remiss, and asks if everything is good back in her country. She replies that her dad finally emailed her back that they are fine. Nigel thinks she now needs to email her dad back to tell him she’s going to Vegas.


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