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So You Think You Can Dance, June 1 – All the Tools In the Shed.

Latin dancer Kristen Dobson, 23, of Warren, OH, is dancing with a non-competing partner. She does quite well and has the smiles they felt Jess was missing. Asked her partner’s name, she screws up and says Susan, but that’s her mother. Her partner’s name was Travis. That can’t be a Freudian slip!

Jason saw many pluses. One of them was an engaging personality, but when she came to dance with her partner that wasn’t named Susan, he felt she was closing off. If she could drop the habits, she could be going somewhere. Mary thinks she’s doing remarkably for only dancing for three years. Her ankles are lovely, but she needs to shape them a little, and drop the leg stretch in the middle, as it’s uncharacteristic of the dance. They send her on to choreography.

The last contestant of the day is Robert Taylor Jr., 30, of Brooklyn, nicknamed the Woo Man. The first Woo he does is when a teacher does something cool, the second one is for the ladies, and the third one is for everybody. Because of his age, it’s his last shot, “Now or Never,” as Nigel sings to him. His hip hop routine is engaging, especially with his personality.

Nigel tells Robert it’s so good to see someone put their personality into the dance. It has everything he’s been looking for with hip hop. Mary found him to be the most entertaining person on the day. Jason agrees he does what some people forget to do, and that’s entertain them. The crowd chants Vegas, Nigel hears it, and gives him the ticket.

It’s the last choreography round of the night, and this time Jess and Kristen are partnered with each other. Jeff is told her worked very hard, and they believe he’ll work hard before he goes to Vegas. He’s through. Kristen “really hung in there” and is going as well.

Tomorrow is the last stop on the audition trail, Los Angeles. Already? Wow. It’s hard to believe we only had three nights of auditions, yet it’s much appreciated. There’s nothing worse than endless weeks of auditions. That means Las Vegas starts next week already!

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