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So You Think You Can Dance, June 1 – All the Tools In the Shed.

Brian Henry, 22, of Brooklyn, calls himself aggressive, attitudish and feels he got the whole krump thing right in the beginning. He feels like he’s writing with his body in his own personal krumping style. He claims to not be violent, but when Nigel brings up that Russell wasn’t violent, he notes … he’s not Russell, he’s going to krump. ‘Lil C is mainstream, but he’s taking it back. Everyone keeps on making it, and Brooklyn keep on taking it. He takes off his shirt mid-dance, and Mary can only say “Mercy.” It looks better than Speedo guy.

Nigel tells Brian thank you and calls it a rather effective style, but jokingly asks if he can make it look more masculine next time. He knows the passion was there, and it shows him how music and strength go together. He figures it comes from a frustration, but Brian states it’s a praise dance and comes from Christ.

Mary asks Brian to put on his shirt before she talks to him, otherwise she won’t be able to focus. She mentions it’s great to be confident and cocky, but needs to be careful knocking others down. It wasn’t so much what he said, but his tone. However, she thought the krumping was fantastic. Jason thinks what it comes down to is that he can’t imagine him doing a Broadway number, the Viennese waltz, or the cha cha. They need to see him in choreography, awanting to see if he can put his feet where his mouth is.

Mary Kate Sheehan, 18, of Brooklyn will be doing Irish step-dancing. Cat asks why the arms are always down at the sides, and gets a quick history of Irish dancing. At first you would think the dancing would be good, but would question if she could really take it any further. Yet watching her, there was no doubts she could take it further.

Nigel thought Mary Kate had a lovely bounce to her dance. He finds out she won the last three regional championships, top five in the nation, and top in the world as well. He loved the use of the stage and it made him feel happy. Mary tells Mary Kate she is so powerful and makes it look so effortless. She makes Mary feel proud to be Irish. Jason thinks it’s starting to warm up to be a good competition. He hopes the camera captured the distance she traveled and her effortlessness. All of it is why Nigel loves cultural dance. They decide to send her on to choreography.

Ashley Hahn, 18, of Elkton, MD can’t do much more than move her arms and gets denied. Others suffer as well, and Nigel remarks he knows they’re all doing their best, but it just isn’t good enough. He admits to getting frustrated and feels it’s the worst he’s seen in eight years. Oh, c’mon, Nigel. I’ve seen way worse auditions over the past seasons. How quickly we forget!

The last person of the day, Virgil “LIl O” Gadson, 23, of Philadelphia, PA, is up. He does some B-Boying and is quite crisp with his tricks and his moves. Nigel finds him to be not just a dancer, but a performer, and notes they usually do well on the program.

Mary thinks the New York crowd fell in love with Virgil and predicts America will as well. He doesn’t just have performance, but all the tools in the shed. Jason can instantly imagine him in the top 20. They have no idea how he will be with a partner, which is why they always send them to choreography, but Nigel announces, “Screw that crap,” and sends him straight to Vegas.

It’s time for the choreography round. Mary Kate is told for being so far out of her style, she did good. The judges weren’t unanimous in their decision, but ultimately, she’s going to Vegas. Brian faced the judges snf was reminded there is a krump move called “Hollow Dreamz.” They decided to fill a bit of that and send him through.

On day two in New York City, Jess LeProtto, 18, of Little Falls, NJ, is up first. He’s an actor, dancer, and singer. If asked to describe his audition, he would say it is fun, technical, and old-fashioned. He’s gotten some advice on his performance regarding his lack of smiling. He does a jazz dance to Mack the Knife, and is amazing.

Nigel tells Jess he wants to see him enjoying it more. He’s thoroughly enjoying watching it, as his tricks are great, and he has a low center of gravity, but it doesn’t look like he’s enjoying it. Mary agrees, saying if she would have felt something more, she would have been standing up screaming. Jason tells him he loved it, but when he came out, he thought “straight to Vegas.” After falling short at the beginning, he brought it home halfway through. He’s headed to choreography.


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