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So You Think You Can Dance, June 1 – All the Tools In the Shed.

Nigel tries to fool Samantha and tells her to start her audition, then laughs when he can’t trip her up. Robin tells Samantha it was beautiful, although she has a lot to learn, with more technique and dance classes. Mary thinks the story is extraordinary, for her to do a relatively good job after just three weeks recovery. Nigel thinks she has a lovely relaxed style as far as technique, but thinks her elevation is lacking. He wants to put her through to choreography, which the other two agree to as well. Nigel tells her to try and remember to come back.

Samantha does remember to come back, dancing to choreography by Will Wingfield and Katee Shean. Samantha is called up to hear her judgement first, and Robin tells her she has a long way to go and a lot to learn, so this time around it isn’t going to work out. Micah is also told no, but Devon makes it through, breaking up that partnership.

At the start of day two, the first person up is Chase Thomas, 22, of Provo, UT. He is auditioning in just a Speedo. He believes in the human body and the lines it can create and thinks he has his own look. The judges have a few laughs at his expense, and he mentions that he found his fiancée cheating on him. Nigel asks the audience if any of them would cheat on him. But before anyone starts feeling too sorry for him, Chase mentions he got over it and got married to someone else recently.

Chase dances contemporary in his Speedo, and it’s quite beautiful to watch his body move. There’s no hiding anything without clothes on, but he doesn’t need to. Nigel asks why the piece was so short, and he claims to have been cut off. Mary wanted to see more. She’ll get that, as he gets a ticket to Vegas.

The last Salt Lake City auditioner is Brittany Starr, 25, of Salt Lake City, who claims to be the daughter of Ringo Starr. She says the Ringo we see on TV today isn’t the real one. The real Ringo is her father. She’s surprised it comes as a shock to people, as she feels it’s obvious, because she’s a lesbian. I’m not sure I follow that logic. I’m pretty sure Ringo Starr isn’t the father of all lesbians. She claims that the Ringo we see on TV is really Richard Starkey and that the original Ringo disappeared when John Lennon was shot.

Nigel points out Ringo Starr is the stage name of Richard Starkey. Brittany believes her father signed a contract to let him take his name. She figures it’s the same as the saying that everyone has a twin, and hers is Lady Gaga. With that statement she loses the judges, and if not that, it would be the dancing that includes a bad cartwheel. Robin tells Brittany it’s hard to critique her, because she doesn’t have experience, but she loves it, so believes she should go for it. Mary likes Brittany’s spirit, but adds she’s slightly delusional. Nigel thinks she’s a good entertainer, and loves the story, as he grew up with the Beatles. But, he’s her dad. It’s a no for the day.

Producers send a camera crew to find out the truth about Brittany’s father. After the choreography round, the producers knock on a door through which a very old man wearing a Sgt. Pepper’s costume answers. Brittany is there too. He explains he was on four albums and shows some memorabilia. He doesn’t have an accent, by the way. In some videos, he dons a brown wig to cover up his white hair wanting us to believe it’s him way back when.

Robin is out, and Jason Gilkison is in for the New York City auditions. First up to audition is Samara “Princess Lockeroo” Cohen, 24, of Brooklyn, saying her dance style is called whacking. She believes those who whack can see the music as it accentuate sounds people wouldn’t normally notice. She moves her arms really fast and explains she’s motivated somewhat by martial arts. Her role she is playing is a spy. For all the whackiness, she’s actually entertaining. I think she deserves a trip to choreography.

Nigel tells Samara that there were parts of her audition that were just sensational, and he loves that she created it for herself. Mary calls her the whacking diva, as she knows how to take it and throw it down their throats, then sit back and be admired for it. She thinks she’ll get votes. Jason believes Samara showed what she can do, as she showed she could take on characters, go very fast, then completely slow. It’s a no to choreography, and instead, straight to Vegas.

The audience cheers loudly for Brandon Jones, 26, of New Brunswick, NJ, before he starts. He dances contemporary/lyrical and does very well. Nigel tells him he has wonderful technique with terrific breadth of movement, and is a joy to watch. Jason notes they can’t argue with the cheering audience. He feels one of the best things is when you see a strong male dancer with so much softness and power, and it’s all the things he loved about his dancing.

Mary doesn’t think Brandon should be surprised, as she can see he has a joy for dance. He mentions losing his father in a trucking accident and says it rocked his world. He loves his mom, but it’s not the same as his dad, and everything he does is for him. She tells him he’s still with her. To avoid the crowd shouting anymore, he’s offered a ticket to Vegas, which he nearly loses outside.


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