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So You Think You Can Dance, June 1 – All the Tools In the Shed.

It was just so good to see Mary Murphy again last week during the audition process for So You Think You Can Dance. She was only there for one of the two audition cities they did, but I’m hoping she’ll be there for one of the ones they do tonight as well. We need to to start lining up seats for that tamale train.

We start off the night in Salt Lake City, Utah, with Robin Antin (the creator of the Pussycat Dolls), Mary, and Nigel Lythgoe. He’s looking awfully spiffy tonight in a bowtie. That’s a new look for him.

Up first are Devon McCullough, 20, and Micah Clark, 21, both of Salt Lake City. They do a stepping routine and are completely entertaining. Their routine is really good and gets a standing ovation form the audience. Mary tells them they’re a lot of fun, and their personalities really shine, but because of their different form of dance, she’s not sure if they can do anything else.

Robin adds that with what they do, there is no room for error, and they have it so down. Nigel loves stepping with big crews as well as just two. He wants to send them on to choreography, and the other two judges agree.

Chyna Smith, 19, of Pocatello, ID, admits to being obsessed with So You Think You Can Dance. She had the opportunity to dance with alums Matt, Natalie Reid, and Brandon, and she reminded them of Joey Spears. She admires Cat Deeley for her looks, but the host tells her she has to sit in hair and makeup for two hours to look like that. Tonight Chyna is dancing to something choreographed by Allison Hooker. She informs the judges that her mother danced with the Osmonds.

Nigel hopes her personality comes out in her dancing, and it definitely does. Chyna reminds Nigel a little bit of Molly. He thinks she has a star quality, sexuality, and sensuality, along with a gamut of emotions that captured him from the moment she was strong. Mary thinks Chyna has technique underneath and that she can do so many things for the show, that she can’t wait to see her grow as a dancer.

All Robin has to say is “if I were casting,” and Chyna covers her mouth and tells her not to say it. But Robin finishes, and says if she were casting Pussycat Dolls, Chyna would be at the top of her list. She thinks she’s exciting and dynamic, like lightening in a bottle. Chyna gets a ticket to Vegas and gives a huge hug to Nigel. She runs out so excitedly that Nigel has to tell her to come back in and give her family a hug.

Annie Gratton, 19, of Phoenix, AZ, promises to be spicy, and thinks her red hair will make her stand out. She explains to Nigel that her dad is a dancer, but he gets mad because they’ve never danced together. She’s definitely as advertised in a really fast modern dance. Mary comments that Annie came in with a plan and fought for it. She was just eating them up, and they can’t deny someone like that. Robin notes she took the bull by the horns. Nigel thinks she’s a firey redhead and hopes her family is as pleased as they are.

Nigel calls her dad down and asks for father and daughter to do their first dance together on the stage. Francois Gratton, 54, hasn’t lost too much of a step in his more advanced years. He gets a standing ovation from the judges, and his daughter gets as ticket to Vegas, as does he! It’s too bad he can’t do anything with it, because of his age.

Tadd Gadduang, 25, of West Valley City, UT, does B-Boying to the most interesting of music. He’s a lot of fun, even walking down the stairs on his hands. He has great musicality. As the crowd chants Vegas, Mary calls him completely fantabulous. She thought he wasn’t just all tricks, as he had a plan. Robin thought it had a lot of humor, from the power to the steps. Nigel calls it completely, utterly entertaining. He asks what the crowd was chanting earlier, and when they repeat it, he gives Tadd a ticket to Vegas.

The last contestant of the day, Samantha Hiller, 18, of Atherton, CA, talks of being worn out dancing through a bout of mono and ending up with amnesia. She didn’t know who she was, who her family and friends were, or where she was. She even forgot this show! It was just three weeks ago, and she is still suffering the effects, and is being told it will come back within a year. Nigel starts to ask her how long she’s been dancing, then realizes she wouldn’t know. She seems to remember this routine pretty well.


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