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So You Think You Can Dance, May 26 – Mary Murphy Back Where She Belongs

It’s day two in San Francisco, and Jeffrey McCann, 28, of Sacramento, is up first. He’s a B-Boy and has been for the past eighteen years. His life was crazy growing up, and he’s been on his own since fifteen. He tries to get whatever money he can to finish school. He’s flat-out fantastic. It’s quite evident he’s been doing it as long as he says.

Tyce syas “Heck yeah!” He tells him he is “in it!” We can just hear Randy Jackson telling Tyce he got his famous phrase wrong. He should be “in it to win it.” I’m not sure what Toni says as the crowd is cheering too loudly. Nigel turns around and has a Vegas ticket on his forehead. It no longer matters what she was trying to say.

Ryan Ramirez, 18, of Morgan Hill, CA, made the top 24 last season, but just missed making the finals. She wants to try again to make season 8. She was questioning whether it was right to try again but decided to go for it. I remember her. She tells Nigel this time she thinks she has found herself as a dancer. She’s fun to watch … still.

Nigel tells her it was a beautiful girl, beautiful dance, and beautiful performance. Toni thinks if there was such a thing as controlled abandon, that was it. Tyce could tell she’s worked and says her legs were straighter and have more power. There’s no denying she is a stunning dancer with a great little voice inside. She gets told to come back for choreography, and as she leaves Nigel tells her to “C’mon.” They were giving her a hard time; she obviously made it to Vegas.

There’s a new dance style from the Okaland area, Turfing, and acronym for Taking Up Room on the Floor. It should have swagger, feet work, pantomime, and storytelling. Levi “I Dummy” Allen, 19, of Oakland is up to show us how it’s done. It seems to have the elements mentioned and is a unique kind of B-Boying.

Nigel has to compliment Levi for taking it and doing new things with it. He’s not sure he likes it visually, but is still impressed and likes his musicality. His gliding coming on was superb. Toni compares it to a feather gliding across the water. The only thing that was lacking for her was the peformance aspect. Tyce calls it kind of filthy and spectacular. They say yes to choreoraphy, but Nigel worries it will be tough for him.

Speaking of that, the day is done, and it’s time for judgment time in the choreograhy round. His partner gets stuff stuck on her feet, and they keep going. He doesn’t make it through as Nigel tells him he needs to do better with choreography.

Judging by who the judges sent through tonight, this season is shaping up to be a good one. With Mary back, we ought to have the tamale train booked solid the rest of the summer.

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