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So You Think You Can Dance, May 26 – Mary Murphy Back Where She Belongs

Ieshia Moss, 25, of Oakland, and missing a few teeth, woke up at 6 and saw a reporter outside discussing the auditions, and she got up and ran outside, finding her personality when she arrived. She does hip hop and freestyle and has always been called the Black Barbie. Nigel admires her boots. She admits here that her secret is she used to be a stripper, so that will explain the booty-popping. He doesn’t think they’ve ever had a stripper go through. It’s all bootie popping, as Nigel hides behind his folder.

Nigel doesn’t know what to say about her dancing. He understands how that works well in gentleman’s clubs, but he needs a little more dance style. Toni thinks Ieshia has her own thin going on and they love her. Tyce thought her spirit was fantastic, as he couldn’t say anything else but that he loved it. She get s three very polite noes.

Ieshia coaches Marcos Prieto, 25, of Oakland, from the sidelines as he goes out for his audition. He does the same booty popping, as well as some spins and leaps, but it’s nowhere good enough. They thank him for his time and send him on his way. Paul Keelan, 23, of Oakland, follows him and just shakes around. He’s rejected. Tyce calls today one big cup of vomit.

Danielle Ihle, 18, of Livermore, CA, explains that dance has helped her through the worst times in her life. In her sophomore year, her dad told her they had to be out of their house, and they lost both that and their car when he lost his job. He had lost his job, but originally kept it from the them until it got to that point. With all of them out on the street, he then abandoned them. That’s just gutless. And remarkably, she somehow finds a way to tell that whole story in her dance, from hope, to despair to fight.

Toni mentions she obviously has strength because of the spinning, and the dancing was nice, but the emotions left her flat, and for season 8 they need the level to be fantastic. Tyce agrees that her strength is mainly in her pirouettes, but he found it solid, though wants more from her performance. Nigel found it a shame it was so angst-ridden looking at the lovely smile on her face now. He didn’t understand the story of it, and wanted to enjoy the movement. Nigel says yes to choreography, Tyce says no, and Toni tells her “this” needs to be fixed, pointing to her face, but says yes. She means the emotions, but it came off wrong.

Ashley Rich, 22, Emeryville, CA wants to do a modern contemporary style, but she doesn’t know what category she fits in, as everything she does is dance. It’s who she is, and she doesn’t think she could work in an office, feeling that would be a little scary. Toni calls her dessert while she dances. She might not be able to define her dancing, but she’s a natural.

Nigel tells Ashley if anyone ever saw the worst of her they’d be crazy as he only saw the best of her. He felt she had great feeling for her movement and a beautiful light on the stage. Toni compares the performance to that feeling when you wrap yourself in a blanket on a Sunday afternoon when it’s raining and there’s a fire outside. But she wonders if Ashley can give her Saturday night crazy as well. Tyce calls it a hot ticket and finds she moves like a deer flying and jumping through the forest. A yes to choreography from Tyce and Toni, but Nigel sends her straight through to Vegas.

D’on-que (is that pronounced like donkey?) Addison, 22, of Richmond, CA, wanted to be on the show because he has a story and it’s time for him to be heard. He’s an underdog and it’s time for him to rise. But he can’t make it through talking to Cat without breaking down emotionally. All he does is thrash around, and at the end cries his eyes out loudly pounding his fists on the floor.

Tyce asks where they’re going with this. They tell him to clam down and take deep breaths. Nigel explains that every artist that is tortured, uses their life to draw upon, but to open himself up as he has just done does not allow people to get close, and backs them away instead. He can’t go out there and be that vulnerable. D’on-que explains he wants everyone to see that. He wanted to be vulnerable, and if he doesn’t succeed here, he still accomplished what he’d wanted. He get two noes from Nigel and Toni, and Tyce decides to not even answer.

It’s time for choreography. Teaching the choreography are Katee Shean and Will Wingfield. Timothy interrupts the choreography to tell the judges he can’t go on because his knee got messed up. He doesn’t want to make it unfair with the girl he’s working with. It leaves the question if that’s true or if he realized he was in over his head. Danielle is able to convince the judges this time through, and she gets a ticket o Vegas. I don’t know if I’ve ever seen anymore more excited.


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