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American Idol 10, August 25 – 122 Million Votes Determine Winner

Ryan mentions on the road last ummer he found his protegé, Big Joe Ripka. He annoinces Idol’s unsung heroes, and of course it’s a showing of the bad auditions. Included in all this is the guy doing the back flips over the camera guy and jumping on him, breaking his camera.

Jennifer’s husband Marc Anthony takes the stage singing with women bearing large fans behind him. He’s not singing with any idols, so it’s unclear why he’s singing, other than just to entertain everyone. Jennifer comes and joins him onstage from behind the fans. She doesn’t sing, though, just dances. Sheila E, by the way, is on drums.

Casey and James get into a fake argument over whose elimination was more shocking. Casey figures he must really suck for America to eliminate him twice, “It’s like you suck, oh you know what, we’ll give you another chance, oh, you suck again.” Stefano Langone gets in it with them and says he thinks James’ elimination was the most surprising, and that surprises Casey. James thinks his elimination was the most shocking as well. Casey rebuts that magazines were saying he was going to win. James makes a crack about Casey dropping the $8000 microphone. He mentions he was a rocker and went out number four, just like Daughtry. Casey argues they want a jazz guy and calls him a crybaby. Pia Toscano enters their argument wearing a banner that says “Most Shocking” to steal it away from both of them.

Casey and James perform with the top thirteen guys. Stefano starts them out singing Kiss, and it leads into She’s a Lady. James picks up the mic for What’s New Pussycat. What’s kind of an odd mix is this? Scotty sings Green Green Grass of Home, Jacob sings Delilah, and they all join in with that. Tom Jones joins singing It’s Not Unusal as the Idol men dance. Jack Black dances from the audience.

Scotty and Lauren sing When You Remember for one last Ford Music Video , which includes bits of the top thirteen filming all the Ford videos throughout the season. Ford gave a special gift to the favorite teachers of the idols. They invite them to the finale, and they each get a new Ford Focus. Lauren and Scotty get a surprise as well, they get the keys to any Ford vehicle they want. Wow. Take the Mustang.

Lady Gaga sings Edge of Glory and is standing on th edge of a fake mountain wearing the most interesting headdress. I don’t know how she can even move with that thing on her head. She must have been struggling, as she takes her robe off and the headdress and seems much freer. At the end of the song she and a male dancer “fall off” the edge into the smoke.

Lauren takes the stage alone singing Carrie Underwood’s Before He Cheats, but it seems a little inappropriate for this demure young girl. She’s trimmed down some, you can see it in this tight black outfit she’s wearing. Carrie joins in on the song to no one’s surprise at this point.

The Idols all chip in to talk about what they think of Scotty and Lauren. Pia calls them her little babies, and Paul McDonald metnions they can’t vote and can barely drive, and James claims, “They’re children.” Stefano jokes about having two sixth graders in the competition, and Karen Rodriguez tells them to go to their prom. Naima Adedapo thinks they probably have Similac on their breath. Casey figures they’re just learming cursive.

Beyoncé takes the stage again, this time singing her new single One Plus One. Wasn’t the long medley enough? I’d rather hear the Idols a little more. It’s just a bit too much, as the finale is supposed to be about the finalists.

Bono and The Edge perform onstage as Spiderman from Broadway comes flying through the audience … literally. Normally, I’d really want to see this, but right now, I’m kind of looking forward to the results, or at least more finalists. J-Lo attempts to de-mask Spiderman but just beeps his nose a little.

Steven Tyler is out to peform, and it’s probably the only performance that would have been okay after the last several. He’s at the piano singing Dream On, as all the James fans are hoping and wishing for him to join in. J-Lo and Randy jam out at the judges’ table. I loved James with Judas Priest, but him combining with Steven on this would have been really special.

It’s time for the results, finally. Scotty and Lauren are at center stage, looking like they’re going to prom togehter, although he seems to have lost his tie. The guy with the results enters and hands it off to Ryan. The winner of American Idol 10 is Scotty. The finalists all rush the stage to give him a little love.

Scoty tells Ryan it’s been a year since he and Lauren tried out, and they were together since day one. Never in his wildest dreams would he have imagined this, but he needs to thank the Lord for getting him there. He sings us out with his future hit, and heads down to hug his family. He completely disses Jack Black though. He runs down the line and hugs all the finalists, telling Lauren, “I love you, Baby.” Scotty laughs at the end, thanking everyone and collapses on the ground in tears.

It was a fitting ending for the season. It’s still puzzling how it played out the way it did, but it’s fitting. What will remain in question is if producers will change anything up next season to not have it end this way again. Hopefully they’ll keep the judging crew. It seemed like a little bit of an odd mix at first, but from the first auditions, they made it worth it. I can’t imagine Jennifer or Steven not being there to crown the winner.

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