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American Idol 10, August 25 – 122 Million Votes Determine Winner

It’s going to be a weird finale, as it seems many people are more interested in seeing the people who have been voted out than the final two. No one’s even as concerned over who wins, partially because they both get a recording contract and a car, and partially because they aren’t the favorite two of the majority of Idol fans.

Somehow there were over 122 million votes, according to Ryan Seacrest. There were a lot of people voting, which is odd since many of them say they don’t care who wins. Was it a lot of powre voting? Ryan tells us Lauren and Scotty are the talk of the nation, and I think that’s a little offbase. I heard more all season about Casey, James, Pia, and Haley than Scotty and Lauren.

The top 13 are out to sing Born This Way, something they already sang in part earlier this season. They’re dressed in all-white, and sound and look great. They all look like they have some great attitude going between them, which is good to see. It brings back all the hope we had back at the beginning of the season.

James Durbin is out singing with Judas Priest, the original artists of his You Gotta Another Thing Coming. They’re performing Living After Midnight. They sound amazing together. I think he was born a few decades too late, as much as he loves the 80s rock. It’s a terrific show, like most of James’ performances.

Ryan announces nothing gets past Randy Jackson, and we see a video that notes he always has the answers. It has him asking repeatedly what kind of show this is. It also mentions he can alway spot the frontrunner, and we hear him over and over saying the contestants are “in it to win it.”

Jacob Lusk sings I Smile with gospel star Kurt Franklin. Kurt plays the piano while Jacob prances around the stage and sings. Gladys Knight comes out and joins them, looking beautiful and sounding even better.

Casey Abrams takes the stage to sing Fat-Bottom Girls and when he kicks the couch away Jack Black is hiding behind it. Their voices and personalities match up so well together. This was great planning. Casey fits some scatting in and Jack joins him in it, but doesn’t do nearly as well with it. Then end it on their knees and nose to nose.

The ladies from the top 13, minus Lauren, take the stage all dressed in red singing Single Ladies (Put a Ring On It). I’m not even sure who one of these finalists is, but she looks like Beyoncé. It turns out it’s Ashthon Jones with straightened hair. This moves into Irreplaceable as we all know the drill. Beyoncé should be joining them on the next song. The medley move sinto Get Me Bodied, moving into If I Were a Boy, then Deja Vu, and this is when Beyoncé appears singing Crazy in Love.

It’s time to salute Steven Tyler, as Ryan admits they thought he might be too hot to handle, and he was. It’s his blooper reel with him swearing, smoking cigars, and flipping off the camera and flirting with the girls. Ryan jokes that we should see the stuff they couldn’t broadcast.

Haley Reinhart takes the stage with Tony Bennett. They’re singing Steppin’ Out With My Baby. She sounds really good on this. Of course, when they show the upright bass on stage with them, I’m expecting to see Casey behind it.

It’s time to roast Jennifer Lopez, as Ryan says they knew she’d be a hit with the audience, but they had no idea she’d be such a hit with the contestants. There’s clips of some of the auditioners talking about having crushes on her.

Lil Jon is fresh off his Celebrity Apprentice loss and is singing here tonight, along with TLC and the female finalists minus Haley and Lauren. Lauren is still too busy backstage to join in on a group performance?

Scotty McCreery sings Live Like You Were Dying with Tim McGraw. It sounds so professional, meaning it sounds like these two have been singing together for years. He’s still “in it to win it.”


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