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American Idol 10, May 24 – It's Not Country Night, But the Finals!

Jimmy Iovine mentions needing to find the right emotional song for Scotty for the finale, but also needing to find the right song to launch his career. He thinks they have with I Love You This Big. He tells Scotty it’s a big moment with a big song for his big voice. One of his great strengths is his confidence, and Jimmy thinks if he brings that Scotty cool tonight, there’s no reason confetti doesn’t fall on him. Playing on the screen behind him are the best moments of Scotty’s time so far on Idol. It’s a good song and not your typical Idol coronation fluff.

Ryan tells Scotty he’s marveling at the fact that it’s the two youngest finalists ever, they’re both from the coutnry genre, and finally Jimmy was right about something. Ooh, that’s a burn. Not only did Scotty sing low, but really high, and “Yo, Scotty is here and in it to win it” when he hit the last note. It’s game time, and he’s proud of him, because he’s grown during the contest, and it was a brilliant vocal.

Jennifer agrees, and while she has said since the beginning Scotty was the storyteller of the show, that’s what it takes with a song no one has heard before. She thinks he did a really amazing job with the song. Steven tells him he’s come a long way. In the beginning they were worried about his range, getting up there, but he proved it again. The shot he took in the video, he proved you can’t make a 3-point shot from under the net. You have to take your chances, and he ran with it and nailed it.

Jimmy announces that Lauren’s song will be Like My Mother Does. The lyrics really caputure Lauren’s journey from her start to the finale. She tells Jimmy her mom has been there with her throughout, and she feels it’s right to sing the song just for her. Jimmy thinks it will showcase her in the best light and will show people where she’s going as a recoridng artist. He tells us to face it, that moms are the bedrock of American society, and he feels they’ll all be moved by this song.

With Lauren’s best moments playing out behind her, she sings this song as her mom sings along from the audeince. This is the typical coronation fluff. Lauren walks down the stairs with Ryan’s help, and we know she has to be headed to her mother’s side. She gets her in a big hug and sings direclty to her before taking her place on the stage again. It was a great song and vocal. She went out to her mom, which was great, but I wasn’t necessarily feeling all the emotion. I’m a big crier, over everything, including Brady Bunch episodes. Don’t even get me started on Marley and Me. But my eyes are dry, unlike Lauren’s and her mom’s.

Randy has to give mad props to Jimmy for choosing this amazing song, as it was exactly a summation of her journey. It was a great ode to her mom as he sees her here all the time, as well as her dad. He love the support, and that at the end, it was the Lauren they grew to love in Nashville. That soft whisper voice was what they were waiting for. He gives her a standing O and tells her it was amazing.

Jennifer calls it a tight race, but feels with that song Lauren may have just won. She sang it beautifully, and it was perfect for her. It was everything it needed to be. She sang it just the way she needed to with heart, emotion, and beautiful voice. Steven likes that Jimmy called moms the bedrock of America for kids. Lauren gave it up to her mom right now. The first time he saw her, he felt she was his American Idol, and he thinks America will find it to be true. She’s it in his eyes.

Not that we need this after those critiques, but Ryan asks the judges who round three goes to. He gives it to Lauren with a slight edge, and Jennifer agrees about her, but tells Scotty she loves him and he’s been one of her frontrunners from the beginning, so she’s just gong to call it a tight race and tell America they have their job cut out for them. Steven apologizes to Scotty and tells him Lauren gets it hands down.

David Cook sings his Idol goodbye anthem, Don’t You Forget About Me as we watch the best moments of the season. It’s good to see some of the singers that didn’t make it again, as well as those that did like Paul, Casey, and James. They even have James’ moment with Hulk Hogan on again as well as the moment Casey kissed J-Lo.

I feel a Taylor Hicks/Katherine McPhee ending to this story. There is still a lot of resentment out there from fans who don’t have their favorites in the finale. The fans of Casey Abrams, James Durbin, and Haley Reinhart have been loud and proud this season. That was the same thing that happened in season 5 when fans felt Katherine took the place of both Elliot Yamin and Chris Daughtry. They spoke up with the votes as she lost to Taylor, and neither went on to have the careers that had been hoped for for them. Will the voters feel the same way about Lauren tonight, feeling she took the spot that belonged to Casey, James, or Haley?

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