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American Idol 10, May 24 – It's Not Country Night, But the Finals!

This isn’t the final two most people expected to be here at the end of American Idol 10. One of them was a possibility, but certainly not with each other. Some fans are even looking past tonight, and straight to the finale tomorrow, but not to see the winner, only to see their favorites who they feel were voted out. A good indication of how many people have tuned out will be how many votes come in tonight. Everyone seemed to be voting the last two weeks to keep their favorites in. Will they feel the same way tonight to vote for the winner?

The final two are introduced, and quite frankly Scotty is looking a little underdressed in a t-shirt. Ryan mentions that moments before the show went live, there was news that Lauren was having problems with her voice, but she tells Ryan she’s fine and good to go. The doctor is called out onstage, and he explains during the rehearsal she was pushing her voice too much and blew out a vocal chord, so they’re sprained. They gave her a lot of medicine, and he thinks she’ll do great.

There will be three rounds. The first will be the Idols’ favorite song of the season. The second will be something new this year, a song choice from the Idols’ own idols. Carrie Underwood will choose for Lauren, and George Strait will choose for Scotty. Their third song will be their coronation song. While Scotty won the coin toss, he deferred to Lauren who is choosing to go second. He’s such a gentleman!

Scotty enters from the audience with his favorite song of the season, Gone. He’s quite serious tonight. He’s, dare I say it, “in it to win it.” He has the guitarist and the violinst following him around the catwalk interestingly enough. He does a baseball bat move at the end with the mic, paying homage to his favorite pasttime.

Lauren takes the stage after the break singing her favorite of the season, Flat on the Floor. She seems to have aged about three or four years since making it to the finale. She’s no longer this shy, unconfident little girl. She’s a woman now. You can hear a little of the affected vocal chord. Nevertheless, I think them were fightin’ words she was singing.

George Strait has chosen Check Yes or No, his own hit, for Scotty. Good pick, George! It’s apparent this really is an idol of Scotty’s, and not some producer’s pick, as he knows this song well. It’s just seems right. It’s a great fit for him, and I could see this as his first hit.

Carrie Underwood picked Maybe It Was Memphis for Lauren. She’s dressed like the southern belle she is in a floofy dress, almost like what I saw at my daugher’s ballet recital this weekend, and has paired it with cowboy boots. This is a good song on her, but Lauren is shouting it. I’m not sure why, whether she’s sitll pushing it, or whether it’s because of the strained vocal chord.

With the final two both out onstage, we go to some judges’ comments. Randy Jackson tells America they did a fine job choosing these two for the finale. He also says it’s so hard judging, as they’re so even. Yet, he tells Scotty his reprisal of Gone was brilliant, and he thought he was at a Scotty concert. He thought the George Strait song was good as well. For round one, he thought she sounded good, and on the second song, he loves that too. Round one was a slight edge to Scotty, but round two is a slight edge to Lauren.

Jennifer felt the same thing. She flet it was an explosive start and can’t imagine a better way to start the show than with Gone, and felt Lauren attacked Flat on the Floor. She calls it crazy! With the second song, she didn’t think Scotty’s second song was as dynamic, but she thought Lauren’s song was strong and clear and beautiful. She agrees with Randy.

Steven wants to tell Scotty and Lauren if they sang it better, they might be in the finals of American Idol, but they’re already there. He’s going to give both the first and second rounds to Lauren, but only because she’s prettier than Scotty. Randy mentins that most importantly, “they’re both in it to win it.” Man, I’m tired of hearing that phrase.

In the middle of the finals, we have a performance from Taio Cruz. That’s different. How often is there a performance by a guest in the middle of the finals? Were the producers worried that the Scotty and Lauren finale wasn’t going to be enough to hold the audience’s attention?


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