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American Idol 10, May 19 – Youngest Final 2 Set for This Week

It rained during Scotty McCreery’s trip back home to Garner, North Carolina too. He called it a crazy ride, and was happy to be back. He could only say wow when he gets back into the limo after meeting the first group of people. He drove up to see his family then jumped on his bed. He packed his bags for Hollywood week on that very bed, and it seemed so long ago now. He also took a spot back on the old pitching mound.

Scotty cried in the limo, and Aaron the security guard wasn’t even there. He headed back to the grocery store where he used to work, and was overwhelmed again. He took the stage later to sing Your Man, with the original singer Josh Turner there to surprise him. Even though he’s only lived 17 years, Scotty predicted that may have been the best day of his life. in the audience with his family, he admitted it was an emotional time. His mom admitted she was in tears along with him the whole time.

Nicole Scherzinger and 50 Cent sang their new song, She’s Right. Fittingly they featured her, since she will be one of the hosts of the X-Factor. As she crossed he stage, it was surprising that she wasn’t throwing out some of her DWTS moves.

It was Lauren’s turn to go home as she landed at the Tennessee/Georgia border. She hit a radio show and joked about the police escort. May 14 is being recognized as Lauren Alaina day. She discussed the series of storms that hit the south and destroyed everything, and got a chance to see the devastation for the first time, as it brought her to tears.

The high school Lauren played her last basketball game in was destroyed. She met with a little boy who saved his family and told him he was brave. She’s proud to be from Georgia just like him. Lauren took the stage in Chattanooga, and like the others, was overwhelmed. She also got to throw out the first pitch at a ballgame.

It was time for the results as the final three took their places at center stage. After the 95 millions votes cast, the most of any season, the first person to make it into the final three was Scotty McCreery. Jimmy was right. It was now between Lauren and Haley, and the person competing with Scotty in the finale will be Lauren Alaina. I believe this makes the youngest final two ever, as well as the first all-country final two.

Haley Reinhart was going home. She talked in her tape about singing being indescribable, yet it’s the only thing she can imagine herself doing the rest of her life. It’s the biggest platform anybody could ask for. She rocked it out and had a blast, yet it’s only the beginning. She sang us out with Benny and the Jets. She hugged her dad at the end while Casey Abrams was cheering more for her than anyone else.

There re a lot of people out there who are upset about the way this season is ending. Will it have an impact on the next season? It still depends some on how next week shapes up. Do either of these two have what it takes to change the minds of the naysayers?

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