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American Idol 10, May 19 – Youngest Final 2 Set for This Week

It was an interesting final three night on American Idol last week. Normally there’s one really strong person who completely takes the night, or there’s one person who is obviously going to be the odd man out. That didn’t happen this time. They were really all strong in their own ways, leaving everyone with their own favorite. One thing was for sure. It wasn’t be a shocker on results night. Not one of those three leaving would have been a shock.

There were ninety-five million votes last week, according to Jimmy Iovine at the beginning of the results night. He turned prognosticator, saying if the public feels Haley had three 10s last night, she could end up in the finale. When Lauren hit the stage in the blue dress, he thought she captured the vote, noting the country vote is a powerful one. In order for Scotty to make it through, he has to keep some of the humor, yet show some of the gravitas that he knows he has to be the next American Idol. He had a very clear vision of the finale; “There will be a guy in it.”

All the final 24 were in the audience, and it was good to see them again. James was conspicuously missing, but was making the rounds to all the talk shows this week.

The top four, meaning James Durbin too, were treated to a special screening at a secret location in Santa Monica last week. It turned out to be at the offices of Bad Robot Productions, where they met JJ Abrams. He knew his kids would be mad they aren’t there. He directed the movie Super 8 and wanted to show the Idols some previews. When he was their age, he used to make Super 8 movies. Lauren literally jumped out of her chair at one scene, and James was chewing on his fingers. JJ gave them each their own Super 8 cameras to film their hometown visits. Scotty announced that JJ is in it to win it.

Elle Fanning, one of the movie’s stars is in the audience for results night. As for a favorite, she noted she likes all of them, but her 6-year-old cousin is obsessed with the show. Her favorite from the very beginning has been Scotty.

Haley took the stage as Ryan showed her visit back to Wheeling, Illinois. She sang Sweet Home Chicago and announce it was a little nippy, and yeah, that’s Chicago. It was raining on her parade, but she thought people would still turn up, and they did. The mayor announced May 13 to be Haley Reinhart today. She didn’t want to cry, but knew she would watching the security guy cry. She missed her family and teared up seeing them again as well as visiting her high school. In a little mini concert, she and her dad sang Sweet Home Chicago on stage again.

On results night with Ryan, the burly security guy was standing there behind Ryan with a box of Kleenex. She noted her time back home brought back memories.

The final three also had a day at the beach this week, and while there, they filmed the Ford Music Video for the week. They sang Smile, while they played volleyball, football, and built sand castles, all of it caught on their Flip cameras.

Italian group Il Volo took the stage and sing the classic Italian song Oh Solo Mio. It sounded totally odd to have these three young guys singing that old song. It seemed a little corny. The main singer looked like the Italian Justin Bieber. After the break, Randy and one of the guys from the group switched glasses.


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