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Top Chef: Masters 3– Ep 7 – Love, Pretzels, and Elvis’ Egg Sandwich

Unibrow – Strip Steak with Broccoli, Onion Ring, Celery Root Puree and Bordelaise Sauce The ring represents the engagement ring. Gail found it simple and to the point. Stone jokes that Bert and Gael may get it on – and on so many levels that is not encouraged or even possible. Meanwhile, Bert chewed his steak for about a week and a half, leading Gael to mock him and wordlessly critiquing his steak.

Traci – Pink Lady Apple Galette, Whipped Crème Fraiche and Caramel Sauce – She drew “Je Taime” on the plate, the first movie they saw together. Fiancée was unable to figure out that the “This is Your Life” meal was an engagement waiting to happen. However, Stone found the pastry to be dry and Gail was disappointed by the last meal being a bit off.

Critics Table – Beast, Mary Sue and Floyd made the Top Three. Floyd’s has too much pepper, but in a good way, according to Stone. Bert loved the fruity and spicy combination. Gael was amazed at how perfectly cooked the seafood was, and the spicy sausages. Gail complemented the rustic savory dish, and loved the braised and crispy skin. Beast wins, and I expected Floyd, and Floyd expected Floyd. But, yay Beast!

Celina, Unibrow and Traci fell to the bottom. Celina’s dish was not integrated, according to Gail. Gail through Traci’s was missing sauce, and Bert thought she made an unfortunate choice in apples. Unibrow’s steak was super chewy and not helpful for romance.

The best moment of the critics’ comments was when Gael instantly broke down how Celina could have done a better job. Instead of a literal pretzel with a boring salad, just make a lobster pot pie with pretzel puffs. I would totally eat that, and I don’t even like pretzels very much. Celina goes home – this year’s entry into the Top Chef tradition of someone who goes deep in the competition by barely avoiding elimination from week to week.

Quickfire Hits
• Have I been mispronouncing BA-nal all of my life, or is Gael’s pronunciation of ba-NAL the appropriate way?
• Loved the “photo finish” slow motion replay with the breaking celery between Mary Sue and Unibrow. That was clever.
• Floyd and his wife were together for 8-10 years before getting married, as he proposed over a steak they could not afford.
• Unibrow and his wife have known each other since they were 11. That’s love.
• Mary Sue married her business partner’s ex-husband. That’s a new Fox sitcom.
• Celina and her husband got engaged via a conversation. I understand, that’s what we did. Not the most romantic thing, but things just happen a certain way sometimes. Either it is a moment that just evolves, or it’s a moment that’s contrived and staged on a reality show.
• Foreshadowing alert – Celina wondering if her dish was not fancy enough.
• Mary Sue sliced off the tip of her thumb and just threw it away and kept on cooking. The world of Top Chef fans turn to Jamie and say, “That’s how you do it.”
• Aagaard. That last name for the client is either a name, or a Charlie Brown sound effect.
• Hot Fiancée – Victoria Johnson. That is way to close to former SNL cast member and current crazy BIrther Victoria Jackson.
• Loved how the show’s editors got a gift when Victoria said the way to a woman’s heart is diamonds. If you wish for it…
• Unibrow suspected an awkward moment if Victoria said no. The most awkward proposal ever was just last week on Survivor.
• Beast and Bert are marriage criers. Wouldn’t have guessed those two.
• Unibrow on why he cooks down to the people – “You gonna pay the bill? Yeah, I’ll cook down to you any time.” Ugh.
• Extra scene – The chefs’ bad behavior have alter egos. Traci is Tiffany. Unibrow’s is Hank. Mary Sue’s is Margaret. Mine would be Baron Von Kickass.

Next week – Edible science fair and Padma.

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