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Top Chef: Masters 3– Ep 7 – Love, Pretzels, and Elvis’ Egg Sandwich

Sensory deprived taste test, with the last place finisher in each round gets eliminated. The winner gets charity cash, but no immunity.

Round 1 – Via taste and texture only, identify water chestnuts, Worcestershire sauce, cashews, papaya and mustard greens. Most of them wound up wearing parts of the dishes, but Floyd got knocked out after getting none correct.

Round 2 – Via smell, identify Epoisses cheese, hot sauce, root beer, rice vinegar and mayonnaise. Mary Sue thinks she is a smell champion. Not sure if she really thought that, those are my words, but it sure seemed like it. Unibrow joked that he was just guessing things he wanted like coffee. Traci gets none, so she’s out.

Round 3 – Via touch, identify okra, gummy bears, Arborio rice, blackberries and Chayote. Mary Sue wonders if Stone gets gummy bears in Australia. I am sure they suck in Australia just as much as they do here. Yeah, that’s right, I hate gummy bears. We can argue about it later. Celina and Beast tie for last and are both out.

Round 4 – Via hearing, identify what Stone is doing, the first one to three wins. Rice Krispies and milk? No one, Mary Sue guesses vinegar and soda and Unibrow guesses tapioca. Breaking celery? Unibrow gets it. Eating potato chips? No one, they guess carrots and celery, and Unibrow suspects that they eat potato chips differently in Australia. Shucking oysters? The ice fools Mary Sue, but Unibrow gets it right away. Buttering toast? Unibrow gets it to win the whole thing.

Elimination Challenge – Date Night for 21 couples, including some random guy with 200 A’s in his name and his hot fiancée. Their moms were secretly watching from the kitchen. He told them some random things that the duo enjoys to eat and they have to make a six-course meal out of it. Bert, Gael, Gail and Stone are the judges.

Floyd – Kama Sutra Black Pepper Shrimp with Watermelon, Lime and Mint – The shrimp are intertwined with each other in a show of love. Bert is impressed by the heat and Stone found it to be “impressively spicy,” and Gail liked the dish.

Celina – Soft Pretzel with Pale Ale Cheese Sauce, Frisee Salad with Mustard Vinaigrette – The fiancée was happy about having two completely different foods she likes on the plate together, but the judges were not too happy with that situation. Bert described it as “junior high” romance.

Mary Sue – Mussels and Clams Portuguese Style with Sausages and Wine Broth – Stone took a shell and attached it to his fork to make a spoon. Cool. Gael suspected the bread was too crunchy for romance. But overall, they liked the dish.

Beast – Porcini Braised Chicken Thigh with Sweet Potatoes Two Ways – Bert wasn’t sure how romantic it was, and Gael found it rather rich, but as Stone described it, the dish steals the show.