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American Idol 10, May 18 – Everyone's In It to Win It

From the auidence, Scotty’s dad says words can’t describe how proud they are of him. To be in this position is amazing, and they’re just humbled by the support he’s getting. Ryan then convinces him to sing the beginning of Scotty’s audition song, “Baby lock them doors …” Scotty thinks his dad has some pipes and could win it.

Back in Lauren’s hometown in Georgia, in front of an AT&T store, she gets a text bearing her next song title. It’s I Hope You Dance by Lee Ann Womack. She asks the audience if they think she can kill it. Tonight, Lauren sings it beautifully, but I’m not sure if she knows what the words mean, and that’s something she’s consistently had trouble with, forgetting that it’s about the words as much as the way she sings them. Then again, most contestants her age struggle with that same thing.

Jennifer shows Lauren her goose bumps and tells her they don’t lie, you cannot buy those, and they aren’t for sale. Those only come out when someone makes them come out, and it made her get goosey from toe to toe. She dares say she won the round for her already. Randy calls it one of his favorite songs, and is sure his good friend Lee Ann is thinking Lauren slayed it, because she did. The song is a great lyric for a great singer. It’s what it’s all about, and her dress looks beautiful. She’s also … in it to win it.

Steven tells Lauren she walked out there like she owned the Grand Ole Opry. Singing is an extension of who you are, and she was so at ease with herself. She sang it so pefectly, and Lee Ann, who is also a good friend of his, would be happy. He’s happy too.

Haley wraps it up tonight. In her limo in the Chicago area, she got a text from the producers announcing her last song, You Oughta Know from Alanis Morissette. She looks absolutely gorgous on the song, but is off a little bit. Her best song of the night was the one she chose herself, interestingly enough, since that was sometimes a struggle for her during the competition. She does redeem herself later in the song as it gets big, but she needs to be able to do the smaller parts of the song as well.

Randy thinks America has their work cut out for them, as those were some amazing choruses by her, and he loves hearing her rock out, although he notes she had a problem with the rhythm of it. Yet she is in it to win it. Steven calls it amazing and says it was so perfect, as she nailed the choruses. Jennifer thought it was definitely a good job, as there is no one that can match her on the choruses. Yet she thinks they all heard the same thing when she was walking around the table and kind of lost it.

As for who won the third round, Steven thinks it went to Haley, although it kills him because he loves the other two. jennifer thinks Lauren gave one of the best perfromances of the night, and Randy agrees. Randy and Jennifer gave one round each to their favorites, but Steven never really called a winner, other than on this last round.

This season, there’s no telling how the voting is going to go. Last week was record numbers, and that means everyone’s fans came out to support them. The guy who everyone thought was safe didn’t get the votes as everyone worked feverishly to save who wasn’t safe. It seems the one everyone thinks is safe tonight is Haley. Does that mean Lauren’s and Scotty’s fans worked feverishly to save them? Last week Ryan told Scotty he never really was close to the bottom two. Is he getting more votes than the girls?

No one really knows, and that’s going to make the final three announce very dramatic. Thre is no slam dunk final two this year. It could go any way.

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