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American Idol 10, May 18 – Everyone's In It to Win It

Jimmy tells Lauren every now and then you get a song that fits your voice exactly where it was meant to be. Ever since they met, he’s been wanting to hear her sing If I Die Young by Perry. She feels the words are sad, but that it’s sung more uplifting. Jimmu thinks it’s in her sweet spot. She does well with it, but I don’t think it’s as much of a homerun as Jimmy figured it would be. It’s really good, but doesn’t move her past Scotty or Haley.

Jennifer tells Lauren she has the most beautiful tone of the finalists. It’s a magical, magical thing that comes so natural to her. She had a very honest moment in the middle of the song when she got caught up in it herself. She’s just 16, yet was able to move on. Randy thought it was great that she realized right away when she didn’t hit the modulation, and went back up for it. That’s what it’s about, like when Haley fell and got right back up. He agrees she has a beautiful tone and thinks it was another good song choice by Jimmy.

Steven knows Lauren saw someone applaud her, and got a little caught up in the moment. It’s a beautiful song, and she has a beautiful voice. Out in the audience, her mom, who looks like a slightly older version of Lauren, says it’s crazy watching her daughter up there, and she thinks she’s aged 20 years. That would mean she looked exactly like Lauren before.

Haley now gets stool chat with Ryan as we watch her audition that started it all. For her next song she wants to just remember the words. She calls it the tricky part of this very abstract song Jimmy picked fo rher. He chose Rihannon by Fleetwood Mac for her because from the moment he met her, he felt she should be singing Stevie Nicks. Haley notes her mom is a big fan. Jimmy wants her to let it build so the audience gets to hear every color she has. She indeed starts the song really slowly, then kicks it in as a wind machine hits her to make it a real Stevie moment. It’s good, but not as good as her Zeppelin song. I think Scotty took this round.

Randy tells Haley she cracks him up as he caught her looking up thanking God she got through it. He thinks she did a good job and thought her pitch was perfect. It was a more somber moment, but he thought she did a really good job. He notes we got to hear a little of the Haley growl at the end and asks Steven if guys get to have the wind machine, then note he’d grow his hair out if he got to do that.

Steven thought Haley sang the song beautifully; it reminded him of why he fell in love with Stevie to begin with. After the last perfromance, it was a chance to slow it down to let her hair down and let the wind catch her. She played it like they knew she would. Jennifer agrees it was a beautiful moment and thought they caught Haley beautifully on camera as well. She thoght she’d take it a little further at the ened, but it was a good contrast for her to what she did with the first song.

For round two, Ryan asks Steven what he thought, and he has to go with Lauren, as she did it for him. Jennifer goes with Scotty, Scotty, Scotty, and Randy agrees it was Scotty, Scotty, Scotty, as he wrecked it. Jimmy thought Scotty transformed into a rock country star tonight, like Garth Brooks and Bruce Springsteen had a baby. Lauren showed incredible poise, and what Haley had to do was not easy. He’s in love with all these kids.

Sitting next to Jimmy in the audience, Neil Sedaka takes a bow, appropo of nothing. This leads into the debut of a Beyoncé video. I’m not really sure that belongs here. She felt like she was channeling Stevie with it.

Scotty went to his former work place in Garner, North Carolina, back in the food store with an apron on. He announces a text from the judges, saying his song selection is going to be She Believes in Me by Kenny Rogers. Wow, good choice Judges. This is perfect on him. Jennifer looks like she’s in love as she sings along from the audience.

Steven believes this is the first chorus Scotty sang in a big way like that, and it put it over the top for him. Jennifer mentions it was one of the reasons they picked this song for him, as they wanted to see if he’d hit that big chorus the first time. She guesses he showed them and is proud of him. Randy agrees and says it’s about Scotty pushing himself, as they know what he can do in his comfort zone. Seeing him believe he can hit those notes, it was very sweet and tender in the front, then hit the chorus. It was very nicely done.


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