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American Idol 10, May 18 – Everyone's In It to Win It

Haley Reinhart is singing Led Zeppelin’s What Is and What Should Never Be, which Beyoncé calls very interesting. She feels it shows her gut, her strength, and her fearlessness. She’s a risktaker, because she didn’t take a pop song everyone else knows. She has conviction and makes you believe in what she believes in, which is a huge part in being a superstar. Haley explains she chose this song because she grew up around classic rock with her parents in a band together, and she’s waiting to see if her dad can play guitar with her on the song tonight. Beyoncé doesn’t think she’s heard anyone like Haley, and likes the unforced raspiness.

It looks like Haley’s dad made it to the stage tonight to play alongside her. That has to be a thrill for him. I had my doubts listening to her practice with Beyoncé, but Haley is nailing this one. It’s a risk that needed to be taken and could have moved her ahead in the game. However, she falls walking back up to the stage, but recovers quickly. Of course, I love Zeppelin.

Randy tells Haley this is what it’s all about. He loved the fact that when she needs to be great, she’s slaying it. She’s fearless and chose a song that isn’t for the weak of heart. It’s Zeppelin with crazy vocals, and she’s got her father onstage. It’s one of her best vocals ever. After a kiss from her dad, Steven asks Haley if she fell for him. He can be so corny sometimes! He also mentions it’s not about how many times you fall, but how many times you get back up, and she calls that very true.

Randy thought the fall was planned. Jennifer tells her everyone’s fallen onstage. Beyoncé has fallen, she’s fallen. And just this past weekend, Jennifer was performing with Wango Tango and the sound went out. You have to keep going, as it’s the sign of a professional. It was a really tough song, and she sang it great.

Randy announces after Haley and her dad leave the stage that she won round one hands down. Steven thinks Scotty sang it like he meant it, Lauren had too much fun, and Haley got her freak on. Jennifer has to go with Haley on this one as well. She feels you could feel the energy she was bringing as she ran around the stage.

With someone oddly dressed as a dog in the audience, Scotty gets stool chat with Ryan. We watch Scotty’s audition, and after, he thinks it seems like ten years ago. That was also the time that Steven mentioned doing something to a duck, and Scotty tells Ryan that after that aired, everyone kept asking him what Steven had said.

Jimmy has chosen Are You Going to Kiss Me or Not by Thompson Square for Scotty. Scotty loves the choice, and Jimmy thinks the lyrics are perfect for him. It reminds him of some of the Tom Petty stuff Jimmy got to work on when he was younger. He thinks a touch of this feel should be on the record Scotty will eventually get to make. He has his guitar with him on this one, and he couldn’t look more comfortable up there. He even gets in a flirtatious eyebrow raise at the end.

Steven tells Scotty he never heard him deliver a chorus like that before. He thought he was living that one and sang it really well too. Jennifer mentions there were so many moments in the song she enjoyed so much. She liked how he grabbed the guitar a little tighter the first time he sang the chorus. Then he said the spoken line and started almost laughing. She wants him to always remember that feeling of people enjoying him. She also makes a request for him to shave his head for the finale like he had it in the audition.

Randy wonders if she was saying she’d kiss Scotty, but she points out she’s a married woman. He likes the short hair too. He thinks Jimmy picked a great song for him with a great chorus. It reminded him of a Garth Brooks performance, and he felt again like he was at a Scotty concert. Once again, “he’s in it to win it.” Ryan offers to get the trimmers from backstage and buzz Scotty down, and suggests Steven join him. Then it just turns into a weird conversation about waxing.

When we cut to Lauren and Ryan, there’s a woman kneeling down putting makeup on Lauren’s legs. She ran her pantyhose, so they’re trying to make do without them. It’s a cut back to Lauren’s audition, but we didn’t need that reminder, as they talk about it so often. After, she tells Ryan it blows her mind and chokes her up to think she’s made it this far in the competition.


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