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American Idol 10, May 12 – Third Shocking Result of Season

As Ryan introduces Jordin Sparks, the three waiting to hear results are sitting with him, and James and Scotty are holding the giant balloons. Jordin is singing her new song I am Woman. I’m figuring she won’t be asking the audience to hear her roar. This is quite a different Jordin than we saw during her winning season on American Idol.

It’s yet more music as Ryan introduces Steven Tyler’s newest video. It’s a much more tamer Steven Tyler. Idol seems to have given him some different perspective. Live, he turns around and accepts all the applause being given him.

It’s time to finish out the results, to find out who will join Lauren. Ryan shocks everyone saying that he can tell us that there are going to be two girls in the final three. That means either Scotty or James is headed home. Haley is ecstatic. Steven does not look happy. James looks very, very worried.

It’s between James and Scotty, and James is already wiping tears as Scotty just looks very nervous and very young. The last person to make the final three is Scotty McCreery. Unbelievably, James Durbin is headed home. Nobody would have figured on that. The judges are all hanging their heads. He’s telling his wife in the audience that it’s okay.

The judges are stone-faced, and Jennifer is crying. James says he worked so damned hard to get here, and he was really hoping to get there, but he had a feeling today. He did so much stuff that has never been done on this show before. In his eyes and in his mind, he did what he came here to do, to give metal a chance and bring it 110% every week.

James sings Maybe I’m Amazed to take us out. He gets a hug from Casey Abrams out in the audience, then gets a kiss from his girlfriend, as he laughs, hoping not to get the nose in the eye again.

It was hard to get this posted this week. Sure, I went out of town hours after the show aired, but also, posting this meant it was true. I didn’t want to admit and deal with the fact that james was gone. I had to face it tonight watching the live show, but it didn’t make it anymore easier.

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