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American Idol 10, May 12 – Third Shocking Result of Season

It’s a bit difficult to decide unilaterally who should go home this week on American Idol. Haley Reinhart had two weeks in a row of a lesser received song and a wowing song. Does she keep going through for 50/50 performances? It depends on who you ask, as some fans are calling for her immediate dismissal, and others are calling for Lauren to bid adieu. Will it be one of them or one of the guys?

Ryan Seacrest announces there were seventy-two million votes last night, the highest amount ever for a final four show. That means everyone’s fans were trying to protect them. Sometimes that leads to a surprising result.

It’s duet time as Scotty and James team up on Start ’em Bad/Startup Band. They start off from deep in the audience and sound great combined, harmonizing really well. James scores a kiss from his girlfriend. Both guys take a spot on the stage and grab their guitars to end the song. They could have a hit with that.

The two guys are sitting with Ryan and James is in tears, because he went in for the kiss and got a nose in the eye. The two girls, Haley and Lauren, take on Gun Powder and Lead. They, too, sound great in a duet. Lauren’s getting an attitude there, which is good.

The Idols connected with their families over the computer this last week. Lauren wants to know if someone took her dogs and got them shaved, then wants to sing her song for who I assume is her brother. Scotty talks to his sister about playing the piano for one of his songs, and James and his little boy share “I miss yous.” They also sing the alphabet together. It’s just a little something to prep them for next week’s home visits.

The first Idol to be named into the top three is the pride of Rossville, Georgia, Lauren Alaina. She hugs everyone, and is very excited on her way to the golden top three stools.

The top four got together this week and watched Lady Gaga together. They watch her singing You and I that Haley covered last week. Gaga is playing the piano dressed in what looks like a bra and underwear. After watching it, Scotty says she’s a unique performer and has a lot of ways to express herself. Haley adds that she’s definitely a showwoman. James thinks it’s cool for them to see it, as someday maybe they’ll be up on that stage as well.

Enrique Iglesias takes the Idol stage live to sing Dirty Dancer and I Like It. In the video behind him is Usher combining on the first song. In the second song they have giant balloons they’re hitting all over the place.

Ryan falls into the audience trying to catch an errant beach ball, then introduces the Ford Music Video. The Idols combine on Fireflies and draw things with lighted chalk. Eventually they get around to drawing a car after James’ hair, a light bulb, and other things.


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