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Top Chef: Masters 3– Ep 6 – Seven Minutes in Heaven

Things we learned this week:
1 – Top Chef has decided to use teenage make out games to plan out their Quickfire challenges.
2 – For some reason, actually cooking something in a limited time frame is not as impressive as slicing raw meat.
3 – Maroon 5 is like the D&D Club of rock bands.
4 – Unibrow is able to be funny from time to time, especially when he is mocking his unibrow
5 – The Judges make some wacky decisions.

Making Out – Seven Minutes in Heaven. For those, like me, who were never invited to those parties as a kid, perhaps this term may be unfamiliar. Seven Minutes in Heaven is often connected to Spin the Bottle, and the game requires two people to go off together, usually into a closet or other isolated room and do whatever they want to one another for seven minutes. Good gig if you can get it.

On Masters, it means you have seven minutes to make a dish using some very expensive ingredients. Not nearly the same thing. And the thought of the Masters pairing off and heading into Stone’s dressing room for seven minutes of naughtiness, well, it’s a tad disturbing.

The concept for this Quickfire comes from the amazing All-Stars Quickfire where Tom made a dish, and whatever time it took him to complete it would be the Chefs’ time for the Quickfire. Tom took eight minutes and 27 seconds to set the standard, Stone tells the Masters that they have seven minutes. Because Eight Minutes and Twenty-seven Seconds in Heaven has less of a ring or teenage party game tradition to fall back on.

It’s a cooking competition – The chefs dutifully made their seven minute meals, but only Beast had the courage to break out a pan to cook. As Celina said, it takes two minutes to just heat a pan. Beast elected to risk it and sear her foie gras. Unibrow was amazed, as were some of the others. Beast pulled off the trick and was one of the few who actually did a little cooking rather than rely on raw food and knife skills. To me, that’s a level of difficulty in a challenging Quickfire, which should have earned her some bonus points.

I can’t even blame Bert, Dany or guest judges as the chefs brought it on themselves. Traci and Beast were the top vote getters after the seven chefs were required to rank the dishes from 1-7. The two ladies actually cancelled each other out by voting for one another. It seems that Floyd’s complaint about his portion being a bit salty dropped Beast down substantially. That seemed a bit harsh and could very likely have been the margin of victory.

Beast found it odd that the man who has had salting issues so far called her out on that very problem, but never the less the damage was done and Traci earned immunity. Alex’s overly critical grade for his own dish may have also been a factor in keeping him in third place rather than going any higher. As the episode developed, that point turns out to have been very important.

The Meek Shall Inherit The Billboard Charts – Maroon 5 is not a band of choice for me. Don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing wrong with their music. It’s easy to swallow vanilla pop. It’s good easy to swallow vanilla pop, but it’s really nothing more. I’m ok with that, I like me vanilla ice cream, but it’s not for everyone. However, if given a choice, Maroon 5 will not be showing up on my Pandora list anytime soon. In fact, I see them as a new millennium’s REO Speedwagon. Nice, but who really sets out looking to hear REO? They’ll listen if it’s on, but no one really puts it on.