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Amazing Race: Unfinished Business- Finale – Business Is Finished For Two

Last Elim Leg Roadblock – Dance the Samba in full Carnivale costume and be good enough for the judge. Zev, Mallory, Kisha and Big Easy.

Extra Random Task – Get body waxed for 15 minutes. AAAAAAHHHH Kelly Clarkson!!!!

Last Elim Leg DetourOn The Rocks – make 100 Brazilian mojitos, using the exact sequence of preparation, or On The Beach Sell $60 worth of bikinis on the beach to random people, having them trying them on in some weird wormlike changing station (DUNE). – Zev/Justin attempted the bikinis out of desperation, but all teams did the drinks. Zev and Justin had a couple for themselves to lament their fate.

Penultimate Leg Order of Finish – Garlory, Sisters, Trotters, Zev/Justin (ELIMINATED)

Final Leg Roadblock #1 – Use a forklift to move a boat to a parking slip. Kinda random, but still interesting. Kisha, Flight Time and Gary do it. Flight Time called on his Wal-Mart experience. Presumably using a forklift and not living on no health insurance. Meanwhile, Mallory said that they have a forklift at home. Where they hell do they live? Wal-Mart?

Final Leg Roadblock #2 – Get in a SCUBA suit, don a Bob dive helmet (really not sure if I got that right, bottom line, the device looks like a spaceman suit), and ride a little underwater motorcycle to find the correct treasure chest holding a clue. Do this while evading the mermaids and not letting the underwater band distract them. Jen, Big Easy and Mallory do this one. And that was the most bizarre paragraph I may have ever written.

Finale Random Task #1 – Go to Mile Marker 29, and walk across the shallow part of the ocean to Horseshoe Island. Weird, but actually kind of cool that this place exists.

Finale Random Task #2 – Go to Galway Bay Mobile Home Park and put together a trailer according to a photo, down to the last detail. So glad a trailer park got to make an appearance on the Amazing Race. First time since the Family Edition. Big problem with this one – the huge gusts of wind that kept messing up the display. That, and a ketchup bottle everyone forgets.

Final Random Task – Go to Seven Mile Bridge and bike across it to the finish. Kisha struggled and the two teams seem to be on the bridge at the same time, but it was just too much for the Trotters to catch up.

Next Week – The Survivor finale.

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