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Amazing Race: Unfinished Business- Finale – Business Is Finished For Two

Two things got the Trotters behind in the end. After the mermaid challenge, they too met with cab issues. However, if I heard correctly, they suggested the cabbie get gas while they did the challenge. He was slow to return. This enabled the Sisters to take the lead. Then at the trailer challenge, they had a chance to take the lead back, but the wind coupled with the Sisters’ noticing their error (same one the Trotters made) and setting the table properly essentially ended the Race. After that, it just came down to whether or not the ladies would get lost or pass out on the bikes. Neither happened.

All in all, I enjoyed this season. In fact, I enjoyed it more than the All-Stars season. Substantially more, despite the fact that this group was a) too AR14 heavy, b) didn’t include anyone pre AR12, and c) sort of stretched the theme a bit thin to manage to rope in some popular and successful teams. I said it earlier, all of these teams are likable to an extent, on their seasons and today. Jamie, Kent and Ron were defacto villains, but come on, they were never mustache-twirlers. I think this was a fun season to watch overall. There was a deserving winner, likeable teams going far, lots of funny moments, and some nice twists and turns along the way.

I think the Race is fine as it is – the structure still works. I lament the loss of the Fast Forward, but that’s ok. I would like the Speed Bump to be more than just a bump, but that’s also livable. The Yield/U-Turn feature has evolved over time, and I’m beginning to like it more – for the first time that I can recall, teams were U-Turned and did not throw a hissy fit. Race to Race, just as it is in most reality shows, the season lives and dies by casting. A good group will make it work. Perhaps elimination order can come into play – think about how awesome AR6 would have been if the early boots had survived instead – but it is the cast that matters. Once you have a format that succeeds – Race around the World, America picks a singer, castaways voted off the island one by one, who cooks or designs the best – then all you have to do is cast it well and tweak it from time to time.

Now, some thoughts on the Finale, and we’ll see you again in the fall.

Route Markers
• Ironic that I just went with my family to see “Rio” on the same day as the Race went to Rio. There are even a couple of scenes in the film that reminded me of AR2’s visit to Rio – Grannies skydiving and beachcombing being the memorable moments there. Sadly, no talking birds in AR this week. And no Tracy Morgan as a bulldog. That’ll be next season.
• Big Easy to Mallory about Brazil – “Some of the girls in Brazil are men…check his neck.” Heh.
• Zurich airport, Big Easy again after the Sisters started running, “Are we really gonna do this?…I’m with the idiots that are running.” Good point – no urgency there, they are all flying together.
• Would have been a totally different race if Big Easy could lie. As the Trotters and Zev/Justin sat on a 7:30 am flight that would have given them a 10 hour lead(!), the Trotters wandered up to Garlory and the Sisters to check on flights. He badly lied that they didn’t have their flight yet, thus sounding off every alarm in the other two teams’ heads.
• Something I will miss now – Kisha’s goofy laugh.
• Zev has White Boy Rhythm. I too, suffer that fate. Poor Zev. Look up awkward in the dictionary and you get a picture of Zev in the Carnivale garb. Although my favorite part is when Zev smacked his coach in the ass.
• Zev’s parting line – “He was the Race, and I was the amazing.” Awesome.
• I wonder how many cabbies have seen the Race and wonder when they may be front and center on a reality show? You would think they would prepare for that possibility.
• Forklift guy was giddy when Gary showed yet another skill by rocking that challenge.
• Awesome shot of the Horseshoe Island segment of the Sisters leaving, and the Trotters arriving. Welcome to HD, Amazing Race.
• I can do without trailer park residents mocking my Amazing Race teams. That’s my job.
• The last image we get – Cord tossing his hat rather well across the field. No more Cowboy music, no more Sweet Georgia Brown. Most likely, no more of these teams on any fufure Race. But who knows, Boston Rob can do four Survivors, I guess we can bring back the Trotters a third time.

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