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Amazing Race: Unfinished Business- Finale – Business Is Finished For Two

As Justin said, the tasks that leg was not designed for them. I feel like I need to give them some attention before going into the Sisters’ win in the final leg. With the meshing of these two episodes into a two-hour finale, Zev/Justin don’t get the same send off for their elimination as others have received. As the most entertaining team to race this season, they deserve it. Basically, they had a great Race and just ran into one of those legs.

Because Zev was forced to do the Roadblock – each team member had to do the same amount, and the certainly weren’t told about the Final Leg Double Roadblock, and Justin had already done his share. Can Justin dance? No idea, but boy, he couldn’t have been worse if he was dancing with rented feet. They arrived first and Zev got passed by Mallory and Kisha. He did finish before Big Easy though – and then the boys got lost. Another team falls victim to bad taxi driving. As a result, they got waxed last.

Speaking of the waxing, boy, did the guys get screwed here. Gary seems to be hairless like a seal. Mallory giggled throughout it since she is a) a woman, b) a pageant woman and c) an animated character come to life a la Enchanted. The Sisters did fine, again, women are tougher in this way. The Trotters arrived, and again, seemed rather hairless, and not just on the scalp. However, Zev and Justin join me as part of the demographic Gorilla Americans. I cringed with each slash of the wax as the poor guys screamed mercilessly. My favorite lines:

Zev: You’re NOT doing my armpits!
Justin: I swear to God I’m gonna punch you in the face!
Zev: I am NOT supposed to look like this! (As the top half of his torso was waxed, as the other half remained hairy)
Justin: What’s the penalty if I knock you cold?

According to Justin’s Twitter feed, the boys arrived at the Detour to do the drinks and saw that they were the last to arrive, so they bolted and tried to do the bikinis. Very smart. I still remember Brian/Greg in Season 7 desperately filling ostrich eggs with water as they tried to make up time at the Detour before outracing Ray/Deana to the mat. However, the bikini task was very difficult, as no one seemed willing to change out of their current bikini to try on the new one. And I thought nudity was encouraged in Brazil! So, the guys had to essentially give up and go make the drinks, and just hope the Trotters got horribly lost going to the Pit Stop. Rough leg.

Meanwhile, in the second part of the episode, we had the Trotters, Sisters and Garlory qualify for the race to the end. And the end was in Miami – Racers remember the home of my favorite football team (although we don’t really brag about that these days) as the location of Rob and Amber’s demise in AR7 as their cabbie was unable to figure out the Spanish clue. Bad Miami cabs also accounted for the end of Garlory. They embarked on the leg in first place, but once they set foot in the US, they were essentially done. They would do a good job in sort of catching up at the trailer park challenge, but they were still substantially behind and needed both the Sisters and Trotters to mess up. It is a shame for them, but that’s how it goes on the Race.

Before getting to the final duel between the first ever first and second place African-American teams in Race history, let me just say that some calls on Twitter and in other columns for changes to the Race, triggered in part by the cab randomness need to pipe down. The Race is about travelling the world at its heart. Since Day One, part of it has been doing so using local transportation. If anything, I lament the more frequent use of spoon-fed transportation. The first ever travel challenge from Episode 1, Season 1, was get to the airport in New York City via cab, train, hot dog vendor, Spider-man, whatever you could do. That is part of the fun of the Race.

With the fun come the challenges of travel. Driving the car is easier since you have control, but you have a greater chance of getting lost. Cabbies know the area for the most part and could be very helpful for you to win – a good cab won S3 for Flo/Zach – but you could also get a terrible cab and make you want to throw your backpack across China (see S6 Hayden/Aaron). Just leave it alone. I am sure Garlory are not home lamenting their bad cab, we should not either.

So, anyway, at the first Miami challenge, Big Easy said to Jen, “Y’all comin for us?” And it was on for the hour. The Trotters are one of the only teams in Race history that used trash talk as a weapon. Makes sense, since it is such a tool in basketball gamesmanship, but really, it is something rarely used on the Race. They used it on Mika at the water slide in their first Race, and used it on Vixen two weeks ago. They tried it here on Jen. However, they forgot about something, you can’t kid a kidder. The Sisters are athletes too – basketball even – and know the BS when they see it.

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