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American Idol 10, May 11 – Lady Gaga Mentors Final 4

Casey and Paul McDonald are in the audience with Ryan Seacrest. Lauren Alaina is up with her inspirational song Anyway by Martina McBride. She chose it because she can relate to it because of the devastation in the south with the recent tornados. She thinks it’s extremely important to let people know they can rebuild their lives and have faith. It’s a perfect song choice for her. It’s big, like her personality, and allows her to finally connect 100% with the voice we heard at her auditions.

Steven tells Lauren she did it again. She broke his heart. It was the most beautiful thing. Her voice is so pure and perfect and right on pitch. She can deliver a song “like a blue plate special.” He’s also in love with the buckles on her shoes and the dress. Jennifer calls it very good. She feels like Lauren is listening to what they tell her, and what they’re saying is to help her get into the final. It might seem tough to hear, but it’s so they can watch her at the end with the confetti coming down. It’s exactly what they’ve been talking about.

Randy was worried about Lauren last week, but the Lauren they first met is back. She’s in it to win it. That was everything . What was wrong with it was nothing. Lauren admits the song means so much to her, and she can’t even explain it. Everyone who has ever had anything bad in there life could relate to it.

Ryan calls the four idols back onstage and asks Jennifer who won the first round. It’s hard for her to say, as many of them had great songs or had good performances. She struggles to name just one, and the crowd yells out James. Randy feels it’s a tie between Scotty, James, and Lauren. Haley just laughs. He thinks she has to up her game in round two, but tells her they believe in her and that she can do it in the next round.

Round two will be the Leiber and Stoller songs, and Lady Gaga is their mentor. She thinks the young voices on this show would never be heard without this show, and finds it nice to be a part of young people being heard. She’s not interested in judging them and is here purely to be their friend. She just wants to give them moments of inspiration, confidence, and being about what’s really special in them.

Haley is up first and is singing I Who Have Nothing. Right from the start, it seemed like she and Gaga had a conneciton. Gaga does indeed find her amazing and feels her talent is in the drama, and putting her mind and heart into it and telling her story. Gaga asks how she would feel about getting a little psycho. Jimmy Iovine knows the song could come out bland. Gaga advises her to take a dramatic breath. Haley thinks she’ll have fun playing crazy. As much as the other song didn’t seem to fit her, this one does. It’s great. However, this is a 100% game. At final four, you should be hitting on both songs.

After a standing ovation from the judges, Jennifer tells Haley that’s why they can’t take it easy on her. This is what she’s capable of. They will never take it easy on her. That was amazing and one of the best performances of the year. Randy notes what’s important is for everyone to have a moment tonight. They were hard on her before, but she just had a moment that puts her in it to win it. Steven tells her it was a classic moment with classic Haley, and she just Reinharted herself into the middle of next week. It was beautiful.

Scotty is singing Young Blood, and Gaga thinks the song choice shows the humor in his voice and personality. He needs to stay on the microphone, though, as no one is going to hear the beautiful tone in his voice if he’s constantly pulling away. She advises to think of the microphone as his girlfriend, who is telling him if you don’t stick your tongue down my throat, we’re through. She tells him to make love to the microphone, and he replies it better be a good-looking microphone. She knows he’s more conservative that she imagined, while he’s there kissing his cross. There is no way you can’t smile during this perfromance. It’s just … fun and classic Scotty.

Randy asks Scotty if he was having a good time, and he replies he was having a good time shaking. Randy loves that he came out doing a serious song for the first round, and now something fun like this, and that he had fun with Gaga. The way he was joking with the crowd, it was again a mini Scotty concert.

Steven tells Scotty he made Gaga’s yaya go lala. It was funny, good, and he liked it. He loves the humor. Jennifer felt it was really great. He really hit his stride, with the sprint to the finish line, from the earlier emotional moment to this which is like Gone from last week. Next week, she wants to see a whole different side. Ryan asks if he was flirting with Gaga, and Scotty replies he might have been. He really doesn’t know.

Lauren gets stool chat with Ryan, and he asks how it feels to be so close to the end, after Steven had said she was the one back in her auditon. She notes he didn’t say it to her, but after she left the room. Watching it back, she nearly had a stroke. It’s been such an amazing experience, she doesn’t ever want it to end.


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