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The Amazing Race, May 8 – Business No Longer Unfinished

The Globetrotters ask Rose to judge again, and the wind knocks it all down before she can look at it. The sisters try again and still fail. Kisha notices they’re missing a red bottle, finds it, and tries again. This time they pass. Their clue tells them to go to parking lot by the Seven Mile Bridge.

The Globetrotters are so intense, they’re calling each other by their real names. They still don’t pass. Mallory thinks they have it, but they lose their canopy. Big Easy runs over to look at the the sisters’ completed trailer and realizes their table isn’t set right. The start fixing it, and Rose passs them this time. Gary tells Mallory to hustle.

Kisha and Jen reach the bridge and Jen wants to make it on foot, but Kisha tells her she’s nuts, as it’s seven miles. They start riding huge tricycles really fast, or as fast as they can in the wind. The Globetrotters try to catch up to them, and have a shot, as Kisha is really struggling. Gary and Mallory finally get a pass from Rose with their trailer. Mallory gives Miss Rose a big hug, then starts rambling, about what I don’t know, but it’s something about being invited back.

Jen runs alongside her bike, as Big Easy remarks to Flight Time that this hurts worse than anything they’ve done. The Gobetrotters know the sisters are too far ahead of them, and Flight Tiem tells his partner just to take it all in.

The other teams to have been eliminated are all waiting for the arriving teams, including Zev, who is once again wearing his silver pajamas from China. Kisha and Jen run in to much applause. Phil tells them after five continents, twenty-three cities, and 40,000 miles, they are the official winners of The Amazing Race and have won $1,000,000.

This is only the second time an all-female team has won The Amazing Race. Jen says she’s proud of her sister and thanks her for doing it. They had three second places, but they came in first when it counted. Jen told her sister on the bridge that they were doing it for their mom. It’s their turn to pay her back. Kisha wants to put her on a path to success and allow her to start her own business. Jen notes their mom is amazing and it will be a great thing to give back to her.

The Globetrotters come running in next and have big hugs for Kisha and Jen, as Phil tells them they were beaten out by another team and are the second team to arrive. Big Easy notes that Seven Mile Bridge is really seven miles. As far as the winners, Flight Time notes they were the most consistent. They never struggled and were never at the bottom, but never first. They got beat by a couple of girls, but that’s okay. Big Easy mentions it was hard, and they laudghed and cried, and sung and danced, and he had on a Speedo. They did all that in one route.

Gary and Mallory run in and are called the third team to arrive. Mallory notes her dad always made her proud, even before the race. He’s the most special thing in the world. He mentions the most special thing anyone could ask for is for children to grow up and want to continue hanging out with you. To have her want him to do this with menat the world to him. They know money isn’t everything, but the experience was priceless for sure.

Justin knows they took care of unfinished business as well, and they’re really proud of the top three. Even thought they didn’t end up there, It was really rewarding. Kisha is proud to have won the race with Jen. The second time around proved that she’s not her little sister, but a competitor.

I hope The Amazing Race has learned now how to put on an All-Star season. While they’ve done it before, this one seems to have been their most fun throughout. What made it fun was that these teams all had “unfinished business” and were all hungry. There’s no point in putting past winners in. They don’t have as much fight in them. Teams that were just audience favorites or villains might be a little fun, but not nearly as fun as these teams that want it so badly and want to fix where they messed up the first time. Seeing one of those teams win is so much more gratifying.

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