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The Amazing Race, May 8 – Business No Longer Unfinished

Big Easy finally gets the clue, and he and Flight Time leave. Their clue tells them to find Mile Marker 29. Jen finally gets a clue as well. The Globetrotters find their taxi has left, which Flight Time knows is bad. They start running down the street. The guys find their cab and don’t seem to have lost much time at all.

The Globetrotters are asking for directions, while the sisters’ driver thinks he knows where it is. The Globetrotters find there is only one road in and one road out. The shopkeeper tells them to, “Keep playing ball, Guys.”

Gary and Mallory arrive at the lodge, and she decides to do the task. Gary notes the two wetsuits lying out there already and recognizes it as a bad sign. Mallory calls this a strange underwater world with the mermaids and a live band.

Kisha and Jen are the first to the next cluebox and find they have to walk across the shallow section of the ocean to get to Horseshoe Island. At the tallest tree, they’ll get the next clue. The Globetrotters arrive just after them. Both teams are now walking through the water.

The sisters arrive on land first and start searching for the cluebox knowing the guys are on their heels. They finally see it and find a clue that tells them to return to the mainland and take a high speed boat ride to a marina where they’ll travel on foot to a mobile home park to get the next clue.

The Globetrotters get the clue and both teams are walking back across, while Mallory is still searcing for the clue underwater. She finally gets the clue and hopes they can catch up. They ask their driver if he knows where they’re going, and of course he doens’t know where that is either. Mallory tells her dad she doesn’t know what else she could have done, and he tells her it’s not her fault.

Kisha and Jen hit land and get in the speed boat as the Globetrotters are right on their heels. Gary and Mallory reach their next cluebox and start walking across the ocean. Kisha and Jen hide their faces as the water whips them around, while Flight Time and Big Easy are taking it and enjoying every moment. Gary and Mallory find the next clue, then start their trek to the high speed boats.

Kisha and Jen reach the cluebox in the mobile home park and find they have to choose a small trailer, haul it, then hook it up to the local utilities, and decorate it up by replicating what they see in a picture. The Globetrotters arrive next and start dragging a trailer as well. Both teams find their lots quickly as Gary and Mallory are in their speedboat. She knows they’re still in it.

The Globetrotters work on setting up their trailer, but “Hurricane Andrew” hits, and starts affecting their progress. The sisters are having the same troubles. One of the residents notes when they do something stupid, they think it’s funny.

Gary and Mallory arrive at the mobile home park and start dragging their trailer. Big Easy tries sweet talking Rose, the mobile home judge. The sisters try to pass theirs, but are told no. The Globetrotters also fail. Gary and Mallory are dragging theirs in and see the Globetrotters and the sisters. Flight Time calls it sudden death.


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