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The Amazing Race, May 8 – Business No Longer Unfinished

The flight touches down in Miami and the three teams take off to catch cabs to the marina. Gary and Mallory struggle to get a cab to take them. They finally do and the driver gets out to do something. They ask him to please drive really fast. The sisters pass the Globetrotters as Mallory asks their driver if he’ll help them win. She says she’s had a feeling since the beginning they were going to win, and that all they need is faith and a feeling.

Kisha and Jen run to the cluebox at the marina and are followed by the Globetrotters. They find a Roadblock. One member from each team will have to climb onto a heavy load forklift, then master the hand levers to control the lifting apparatus. They’ll transfer a boat to the storage deck, avoiding catastrophe. Once they successfully do this, they’ll get the next clue.

Kisha and flight Time are doing this task. Jen is worried about how her sister will do with heavy machinery. She admits she’s never driven a forklift before, like that fact would surprise people. Flight Time did operate one once when he worked at a Wal Mart one summer, but he says it was nothing like this. Gary and Mallory are still driving around. She asks the driver if he can keep driving and call someone at the same time, then asks if he knows where it is. He doesn’t seem to.

Flight Time and Kisha are lining up their forklifts with the boats, and Jen is worried they’ll be ruining someone’s boat. Mallory is begging “please” and asking their driver to please call someone. He’s dong something on his phone, and Gary thinks he’s either texting or googling looking for the right location.

Flight Time gets his boat moved, and he and Big Easy get the next clue telling them to head to Jules’ Undersea Lodge in Key Largo to get their next clue. Kisha finishes shortly after, and she and Jen take off as well, with Gary and Mallory not even in sight. She leans out the window and asks someone who doesn’t know where the marina is either. They stop and get directions and finally find someone who knows where it is.

Flight Time calls this the fourth quarter for the umpteeth time and pronounces it finally the time to step it up. Jen mentions they haven’t seen Gary and Mallory yet, while the Globetrotters left the Roadblock maybe a minute before them. Big Easy predicts it’s going to get rocky.

Gary and Mallory finally land at the marina and Gary decides to do the task. She is trying to stay confident and positive, but notes it’s a bad way to start the leg, but things happen, and it will be okay. She hopes they can make up some time here.

As Gary is retrieving the boat, the globetrotters are arriving at the lodge and find another Roadblock. One person from each team needs to explore the undersea world amidst mermaids. They’ll get in a bob drive and search among floating treasure chests to find the one with the clue. This is just when Big Easy had thought he was done with Roadblocks for the rest of his life.

Kisha and Jen arrive, and Jen is doing the task as is Big Easy. Jen is trying to avoid the panic she felt when she did the swimming challenge in their first season. She took some lessons this time.There’s an underwater band that is really cool, that Jen calls random. Big Easy is having fun looking at the mermaids. Gary is still delivering his boat. He finishes, and they get their clue to head to Key Largo.

Jen and Big Easy are still searching through treasure chesets and call it fun. Kisha feels her sister is making up for last time. Mallory tells her dad they have one shot at it and are really lucky to have it, so they need to stay positive.


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