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The Amazing Race, May 8 – Business No Longer Unfinished

The Globetrotters get another drink thrown out as Zev and Justin are arriving. Kisha and Jen reach one hundred drinks and catch a cab to take them to the pit stop. Jen wanted one of the drinks really badly. The Globetrotters have 76 done, and at first Big Easy guesses 14 left, but quickly changes it to 24, as he struggle with the math. Justin mentions how quickly the tables turn in this race.

Kisha and Jen reach the pit stop, are given some tropical drinks, and asked if they’d be happy with team number two. They would be, and it’s a good thing, as they are named number two.

The Globetrotters are singing along with the musicians on the beach as they make their drinks. They’re dancing too, seemingly a taunt to Zev. Justin admits to being really annoyed. The Globetrotters reach 100, make sure their cab driver knows where they’re going, and take off.

Zev and Justin try to just concentrate on completing. As Zev finishes the one-hundredth drink, Justin makes a drinks for them to share, absolutely realizing that there really isnt’ much of a rush for them at this point. The Globetrotters end up on the mat to be team number three. Big Easy tells Phil to sign the check, as they’re coming to get it.

Zev and Justin are not nearly as happy as they cab it to the pit stop. Justin feels they got caught short during their first season, but feels they proved themselves this time. Aspergers or not, he learned a lot about Zev and feels he proved a lot to other people. He wouldn’t trade it for anything no matter how much money they could have won. He tells Zev it would be romantic if they were a couple.

Phil eliminates Zev and Justin and tells them he’s seen them look happier. Zev remarks Justin was the Race and he himself was amazing. He felt they fit the combo more than anyone. After what they saw in the world, he feels there’s a much better picture than trying to win a million dollars.

Kisha points out the only time coming in first matters is this last leg, and that’s what they play on doing. Big Easy thinks they need to leave it all out there for four quarters to make it to sudden death. Mallory knows they got mental and physical, then had luck on their side, as she looks at the entire season.

Gary and Mallory leave the Rio pit stop at 8:54 AM. Their clue tells them to fly to MIami and make their way to a marina to get the next clue. No parent/child team has ever won the Race, and she is excited at the possibility of maybe being the first. Kisha and Jean leave eleven minutes later. Kisha mentions being riased by a single mom who made a lot of sacrifices to put them in a good position, so they just want to make smart decisions. Having a million dollars would put them in a better position to help themselves and the people close to them.

Gary and Mallory arrive at the airport as Flight Time and Big Easy are leaving the pit stop at 9:29 AM. Flight Time mentions they have two tough teams to run against, but they like their chances. Big Easy predicts they’re going to end the day with Flight Time jumping into his arms saying, “We did it, Baby!” They catch a cab as Flight Time talks about making it over the hump the day before to now feel home free.

Gary and Mallory buy their tickets as Kisha and Jen do the same. The Globetrotters arrive shortly after. They are checking their bags instead of taking them, saying they don’t need anything in them anymore. Mallory has her dad push her around in a baggage cart. Seriously.


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