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The Amazing Race, May 8 – Business No Longer Unfinished

Gary and Mallory decide to make drinks, as Big Easy starts learning the samba. Flight Time learns the dance as well off to the side, almost taunting Zev. Big Easy goes out to impress the judge as Flight Time mentions his friend being a dancer, so he knows he’ll enjoy it. He doesn’t think Zev is ever going to get it right. Zev finally passes, as Big Easy fails. He missed the little kick. Zev apologizes to Justin in the cab, which his friend says isn’t necessary. Big Easy takes another stab at it and passes this time.

Gary and Mallory arrive at the bar to start making drinks. It has lime and rum? I am definitley sold. I’ll just be bellying up to that bar, thanks. Mallory gets one made, but it’s thrown out. She thinks it was in the wrong order. She gets it thrown out again. They get a third thrown out too.

Kisha and Jen land at the salon, and Kisha asks to not be hurt too bad. Jen has never had her armpits waxed, and says it hurts a little bit. Zev and Justin are lost as the Globetrotters are arriving at the salon. Flight Time mentions he’s never had that part of his body shaved before, and he normally doesn’t let people touch him like this, and laughs at Flight Time considering it an honor. He rolls his belly for them.

Gary and Mallory are still working on the drinks and finally get it going. They have five of their one hundred made. Kisha and Jen finish their waxing and take off just as Zev and Justin are arriving. The Globetrotters also take off. They decide they’ll be making the drinks, knowing it will be hard to sell the bikini tops. Inside the salon, Justin tells him these challenges just aren’t made for them today. They both have quite a few screams including, “Oh Kelly Clarkson!”

Kisha and Jen arrive to make drinks, with Jen saying it’s like making a mojito. She bartended a little in college and thinks she might go back to it, but I think that’s a joke. Kisha gets hers rejected, knowing bartending isn’t her thing. The Globetrotters arrive as Kisha and Jen have five made, and Gary and Mallory have thirty-four. Gary cuts his finger on the rim of the shaker.

Zev and Justin are still in pain and screaming. Zev admonishes them to tell him when he’s going to pull it, and Justin tells the worker, “I swear to God, I’m going to punch you in the face.” He asks what the penalty is for knocking her out cold. Their time is up with Justin only having half his chest waxed, top and bottom, not left and right.

The other three teams are still making drinks, with Gary and Mallory having 50 made, the sisters 28, and the Globetrotters 13. Big Easy has a system going, but says it would be better if he was drinking them. Zev and Justin decide to sell the bikini tops. Zev carries them while Justin hawks them. They get someone to agree to buy one, but she refuses to try it on. Justin thinks they need someone whose drunk. Maybe the two Detours should work together. Justin tries hawking in Spanish, and still doesn’t get any takers.

Gary and Mallory have 94 drinks made, the sisters have 58, and the Globetrotters 50. Big Easy asks if he can drink them when he’s done and gets a thumbs up by the judge. Gary and Mallory finish their 100 and get the next clue. They make their way to the pit stop at the beach by the Museum of Contemporary Art. They catch a taxi right away and ask the driver to go very fast.

The Globetrotters get a drink thrown out, as Zev and Justin are still hawking their bikini tops. Justin explains in Spanish they have to sell the bikini tops, but the people on the beach still don’t get it. Zev wants to go make drinks.

Gary and Mallory get to the museum and run down the beach to find Phil. They are named team number one. For winning this leg of the Race, they have won a cruise to the Mediterranean. If they win, Gary will be the oldest person ever to win.


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