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The Amazing Race, May 8 – Business No Longer Unfinished

The other three teams are departing the tram while Big Easy waits for the next trolley and says it’s all good. “If it’s meant to be, it’s meant to be, and if it’s not, we had a good time.” Flight Time just keeps pacing.

The other three teams reach the steps and start looking for the tile. Zev and Justin are the first to find it. Gary snoops to see what they found and looks for the same blue tile. The next clue tells Zev and Justin to make their way to Largo de Sao Francisco da Prainha to look for the next clue near Rua Sacadura Cabral. Gary and Mallory find their next clue as well, as do Kisha and Jen, and the Globetrotters are still waiting for the tram.

The three teams in the lead are catching taxis as the Globetrotters are getting on the tram. Justin feels this is one of the times where being the last off the plane really hurt them.

Zev and Justin are the first to the next clue and find a Roadblock. One person from each team must dress in wild carnival costumes and learn the samba. Then they’ll lead their troupe through the streets, and if they do it correctly, the judge will give them the next clue. Zev once again has to do it, as Justin has done his allotted amount of Roadblocks. He looks glorious in the costume as Justin laughs and says, “Yeah Baby! Show ’em what you got, Dawg.” Zev claims his white boy rhythm makes him not a good dancer.

Gary and Mallory are the next team to arrive, and he knows this Roadblock is made for her. Zev is still working on it, as Justin says he’s seen him dance before, but not sober. Mallory comes out and looks more made for the costume. Her dad mentions she’s a tomboy that can dance. Kisha and Jen struggle to find the right location and realize the drive dropped them off at the wrong place. Jen feels like it’s China from their season all over again.

The Globetrotters arrive at the steps and find the tile, then hop in a taxi. Thankfully it’s a different driver than before. Zev is struggling to figure out the samba as Mallory gets it figured out. She leads her troupe just before Zev is told he can lead a troupe as well. Justin claps on the side excitedly. The judge passes Mallory, and she gets a clue telling them to make it to the Copacabana to find a salon where they’ll get the next clue. They hop in a taxi and take off.

Zev’s dance doesn’t pass, and Justin knows it could take awhile. Kisha and Jen find the right place, and Kisha decides to do this one as Jen cheers her on. She knows her sister has rhythm, but just needs to pay attention.

Gary and Mallory reach the next cluebox and find that both team members, male and female, have to experience a Brazilian waxing session. After the fifteen minute process, they’ll ge the next clue. Mallory is getting her pits and legs waxed, and her dad is gettng his chest and legs waxed. She thinks it’s funny to do side by side. She laughs at the thought of hairy Zev getting this.

Zev, meanwhile, is still working on his dance. Kisha finishes learning and takes her troupe out. Zev is turned down again, while Kisha passes. She and Jen move on to the salon as Justin is feeling badly for Zev. The Globetrotters arrive, and Big Easy decides he’ll do it. Justin tells Zev to loosen up like Jay Z.

Gary and Mallory finish their fifteen minutes and get the next clue, a Detour – On the Rocks or On the Beach. In Rocks, they’ll learn to make the most popular drink in Brazil, the caipirinha. I see the lime and am excited already. When they make 100 acceptable drinks, they’ll get the next clue. In Beach, they’ll make their way to Copacabana beach and pick up an umbrella with bikini tops and a portable changing room. They need to convince enough people to try the tops on and buy them to make $100, about $60 American.


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