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The Amazing Race, May 8 – Business No Longer Unfinished

I have to say this has been one of the better seasons of The Amazing Race, and definitely the best All-Star season ever. It seems by going with teams that had unfinished business that they were more hungry and worked harder for it. These final four teams are more hungry than ever!

The first team to leave Switzerland are Flight Time and Big Easy at 7:12 AM. Their clue tells them to fly to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, where they’ll board a tram up a hill to find the Escadaria Selaron steps. They’ll search for a tile resembling a route marker to get their next clue. Big Easy mentions their last season’s loss being because he “fumbled the ball.” It was on this leg, and until they get over that level, he doesn’t see them winning anything. They figure to fly out, it will need to be out of Zurich, and find they can catch the 7:39 AM train to get there.

Kisha and Jen leave at 7:15 AM, as Kisha mentions they’re the only team left to not win a leg of the race. They’re worrying more what they need to do just to get to final three.This was also the leg they were eliminated on in their first season when Jen stopped for a pee break. She says she’ll pee her pants to make the final three this time.

Gary and Mallory leave at 7:18 AM. He knows the remaining competition is tough, but she feels they can make it because they’re fighters. All three of these teams hit the 7:39 train, cracking jokes the whole time. The Globetrotters want to get to Rio for the pretty girls, but are reminded some of the pretty girls there are men. Big Easy figures they’ll just check the necks of these girls, as well as their hands and feet.

Zev and Justin are the last to leave at 7:31 AM. They catch a separate train as Justin says winning the most legs of anyone, they feel they deserve to be there more than anyone. If they make the best choices, they feel they stand a good chance of coming in first and not last.

The first train hits Zurich and one of the Globetrotters runs into a woman out of excitement. Perhaps he was checking for an Adam’s apple. Zev and Justin arrive shortly after the others. The Globetrotters book tickets having them arrive at 7:30 AM. Zev and Justin follow them in, and the agent tells them he just sold tickets to their colleagues arriving at 7:30 AM. They ask for the same thing.

Kisha and Jen are getting tickets that have them arriving at 5:40 PM the next day, which the Globetrotters overhear. Gary and Mallory get the same, although she asks Big Easy what they found, and he’s mute. Gary and Mallory try to find an earlier flight and find the 7:30 AM option, as do Kisha and Jen. They knew there was an earlier flight based on the way Big Easy was acting. Everyone makes the same flight to Rio.

Landing in Rio, it’s a mad dash off the plane. They find taxis and take off for the tram. For Justin, winning today would be great, but they’re more concerned with not being last. The Globetrotters’ older driver is passed up by Gary and Mallory’s driver. Flight Time tells their driver he’s driving like Grandpa.

Kisha/Jen and Zev/Justin get to the tram at the same time, followed closely behind by Gary and Mallory. They mention that they passed the Globetrotters and they’re far behind, as they find out the tram leaves in five minutes. Big Easy yells out “rapido” to their driver. As the three first teams are sittng down in the tram, the Globetrotters’ driver is in no hurry and is telling them to be calm.

Mallory begs the tram driver to leave, and when he does, she cheers. The Globetrotters get there just as it takes off. They find out the next one leaves in thirty minutes and beg the tram to wait, as Mallory screams out, “Noooo!” The tram takes off without them.


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