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Top Chef: Masters – Season 3 – Ep 5– You Want Fries With That?

George – Pork and Chorizo Skewer with Clam, Cucumber and Olive Side – Not only is it ugly, but it actually looks and sounds gross. And it is a skewer meal in a fast food restaurant. Instead of a Batman toy in your happy meal, here, take a weapon. Bert agrees on the ugliness, unsure if he went the Batman route too. Foley thinks George has not had much drive thru experience in Manhattan. Stone rightfully scolds that George should have adjusted his dish once the challenge was revealed.

Traci – Chicken Chili Verde Burrito, Jicama Sticks and Tortilla Chips – Stone is so amazed by the flavor he starts pounding the table like Khrushchev at the U.N. Bert thinks this fast food was restaurant quality.

Floyd – Chicken Frankie with Cucumber, Daikon and Grape Slaw – Floyd was the anti-George, he took his gourmet idea and turned it into an Indian street food dish. Bert also reminds us the difference between this wrap and Celina’s failure.

Beast – Rib Eye Steak Sandwich on Ciabatta, Caesar Salad with Herbed Croutons – She’s pretty lucky for the immunity, as she may have fallen to the Bottom Three. Stone found it safe and boring, but Foley rightfully points out that she served a salad without utensils. Hush Puppy flirts with Stone, “Even you don’t look sexy eating salad as finger food.”

Critics bring back Alex, Celina and George first, but we all know it is the reverse psych out. Celina’s was a “mess waiting to happen,” it was “bland and under-seasoned” and the wrap and cauliflower didn’t really mix. George “snubbed his nose at the fast food environment,” and that was really enough in the end, wasn’t it? Alex’s wasn’t too bad, but it was too sweet, too sparse and the side wasn’t really a good fast food side.

Mary Sue, Traci and Floyd come in the Winner Circle. Floyd’s was genius, Traci was perfect for driving, and Mary Sue made dynamite fritters. So dynamite, that she wins the challenge. Unibrow and Beast are basically fourth and fifth, I presume in that order.

The judges confer – Stone thinks Alex should have fried the salmon, Celina’s was a lost cause, and George made an ugly inappropriate dish. I think what saved Celina was that she tried to make a fast food dish, she just failed. George didn’t really try, so he departs and we all move on. He stood by his food, just as they both got sent back.

Quickfire Hits
• Floyd came to America with just $100 and was about tapped out when he finally landed a job. Great story.
• Unibrow’s bacon song is nothing compared to Antonia/Angelo/Carla’s beef tongue song.
• However, Unibrow did follow up the radio boys’ comment with a great idea – a Dollar Store restaurant. I’d totally go there.
• One Bert complaint – time to retire the phrase “a tasty mouthful.” He uses it waaaay too much.
• Unibrow eats slaw with his hands? Man, I don’t eat slaw on a bet.
• Celina shares that she begged her boss at her first job at Benigan’s to be the “pantry girl.” Makes you realize that when you go into those restaurants – Chili’s, Fridays, Olive Garden, etc. – that when you get a really good dish, it is very possibly a future Celina making it.
• Second Bert complaint, well, more of my own critique. When he decided to dress for a fast food restaurant, did he think it was a good idea to wear a tablecloth from the Italian Restaurant from Lady and the Tramp?
• Alex on Unibrow – “(Unibrow) is not helping…he’s working the cash register, like, I’m at the cash register, so look at me.” Perfect Unibrow description – Look at Me.
• Extra scene – Floyd explains how clueless he was, he kept having to check the menu on each order. He also was unfamiliar with grape soda. And he couldn’t find the ice.

Next week – Quickfire on steroids. Somehow Jose Canseco knew about it. Maroon 5 shows up, and Gail conveniently stops by to see the rock stars. Oh, and the band’s Yoko Ono may be mashed potatoes.

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