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American Idol 10, May 5 – Idol Lesson Be Yourself

Before we get more results, Ryan, Randy, and Steven take a spot in the audience and drink Coke and eat popcorn. Well, throw popcorn. They introduce Jennifer singing On the Floor with PitBull. She does great, but what’s with the low crotch in those pants? We also get a teaser of her next video for I’m Into You.

It’s back to the results as Jacob Lusk stands up next. Jimmy knows he had a rough night and thinks nerves were geting the best of him as both songs were slightly off. It’s the point in the competition where your inner strength needs to come out and override your fears and insecurities. When you’re insecure, you lose confidence, and when you do that, everyone knows it. He felt he was a 6 last night. Ryan has him join Lauren.

Haley stands next, and Jimmy explains in his opinion she was running fourth or fifith, and he felt she needed to do something dangerous and risky. Jennifer not only gave Haley a hard time, but reached into Jimmy’s television and gave him a hard time for the suggestion. Haley showed no fear in the face of being severely criticized and came forward like a lioness on the House of the Rising Sun. There’s no question, on all points she got a 10 and won the night. If her confidence continues, she’s a lock for the finale. She joins James on the far side.

Scotty is last up, and I hope Ryan doesn’t tell him to pick a side. Jimmy calls him incredible kid to watch. He did Gone and gave everyone a clue what he’ll be in the future, with a stunning performance. On the second one, he came up a bit short, but he’s a great natural talent. He has no doubtv he’ll have an extraordinary career whether he wins the show or not.

Ryan mentions last week’s results, when Scotty stood in the “bottom two” were in random order, and Scotty’s never really been in the bottom two. Tonight, it’s no different, and he’s safe. He’s told to go stand with the safe group, and Scotty begs him to not do that to him. He refuses in fact. Ryan pulls him over towards James and Haley. They’re all safe. James falls to his knees, then gets a hug from the other two.

Lauren is completely distraight standing next to Jacob. and has tears streaming down her face. The mom in me can’t take this. After sixty million votes, it’s Jacob going home, and Lauren is safe. She gives him a long hug, and the others on the couch stand up to honor him. Lauren falls into Scotty’s arms.

The memory Jacob will take home is the good feeling R&B music, and he hopes it’s what America takes home from his performrances. He wants everyone to remember that dreams do come true, and he’s a living witness. He sings us out with another stunning performance of A House Is Not a Home.

I felt Jacob should go home tonight, but it doesn’t change the fact that he seems to be the sweetest guy. Over on the couches, Lauren doesn’t look well. For someone who was having a hard time with confidence, it didn’t help her one bit to be standing in the bottom two.The others join him at center stage as he refuses to keep singing it seems.

The final four shaped up a little differently than people were imagining it would back in the final 13. There’s no Pia Toscano and no Casey Abrams. Instead we have Lauren and Haley who were thought to be weaker back then.

Lauren and Haley have indeed grown, but because of their inconsistencies throughout the season, it’s unlikely they’ll get to the final two unless either James or Scotty has a huge breakdown. What will stop Lauren from going all the way will be her confidence, and for Haley it will be song choice, just as it has been for both of them throughout the season. Perhaps they need to remember the lesson preached in their Ford music video, “Be Yourself.” It seems to be the very thing that took Jacob out this week, trying to sing music that he wanted to be, not who he was.

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