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American Idol 10, May 5 – Idol Lesson Be Yourself

The only way fans won’t feel like they were wronged tonight is if Jacob Lusk goes home. The final five all had really good performances last night, and each Idol had their own fanset thinking they were the best. The only one who didn’t seem to have a lock on their fans claiming they were the best was Jacob.

After showing off the judges’ wares, such as Steven Tyler’s book, Jennifer Lopez’s upcoming performance tonight, and Randy Jackson’s bake sale in Tarzana (!), the final five take on Happy Together. Someone is really off tonight, and I think it might be Haley. James seems to be quieter than usual, muted almost. I think he might be sick. None of the final five are sounding particuarly great on this, come to think of it, although they do harmonize on the last note really beautifully.

The Ford music video tonight is set to Be Yourself. James is juggling a chair and balls, Lauren is throwing cards at a board, Scotty is driving a dirt bike, and Haley is letting a car parallel park for her. I need one of those!

The top five also did a stint with Gordon Ramsey in Hell’s Kitchen. He’s putting them through a challenge. They will each get ten minutes to make a fantastic omelette. Scotty asks if Gordon will teach them first, and the answer is obviously no. He does need to tell James to turn the stove on. Scotty thinks his omelette looks like a pancake, and Gordon advises Jacob to sing to his omelette to get it to cook more quickly.

Haley cooks one with mushrooms, asparagus, and cheese. Gordon finds it pitchy, and pitches it in the trash. Jacob calls his “Go Wild. It has tomatoes, apsaragus, and lobster. Gordon thinks it looks like a plate of vomit. He knows Jacob is a fan of gospel, but doesn’t think even the big man will save him with that one. James is next and declares his the best around, and says he “fancied it up.” Gordon tells him he was supposed to rock the omelette, not make it as hard as a rock.

Gordon is amazed at the size of Lauren’s, and she says it’s how they do it in the South. It has eggs, cheese, and bacon. He thinks it tastes quite nice and is seasoned beautifully. Scotty is nervous bringing his up and tells him looks can be deceiving. Lauren wouldn’t have taken a bite, and Gordon wishes he hadn’t, as he spits it in the trash. Lauren is the winner, with Jacob as second best.

The cooking competition isn’t over just yet and will be continued later, but first we need to hear from Lady Antebellum as they sing Just a Kiss. There’s the harmony missing from the Idols’ group song earlier.

The Idols spend some time discussing how they choose a song. Lauren wants to find things girls her age would like, that don’t sound old-fashioned and boring. Haley explains you have to worry about what the judges want, what America wants, and what you want at the same time. James mentions everything has to contribute, such as the lyrics, the feeling, adn the moment. Scotty jokes he writes the lyrics down on cards and just throws them around. He comes up with the nine of clubs. Haley explains more, saying it’s a game of chance, as she pulls a title from a hat, which seems to just make the outfit.

As far as how they choose their wardrobe, Haley admits her friends always called her a shopaholic. James says it depends on the day, and Scotty likes leather jackets on the show, as he splits one putting it on. It’s way too small, and he asks whose it is. Stefano and Haley were probably the only ones that small. Jacob talks about that outfit last week, and says it may not have been the cutest or and may not have matched, but he thought it was fun. They all take turns wearing Jacob’s jacket and someone’s hat.

Starting the results, James Durbin stands up first to lots of applause and screams. Jimmy Iovine says Closer to the Edge showed his potential and where he can go as an artist. On Without You, he was overcome with emotion, and his voice closed up, which Jimmy thinks hurt him. He’s a good performer, but Jimmy thinks to become a great performer you have to be able to control your emotions. He thinks he’s been between a 9 and a 10 the last few weeks, but last night he felt was an 8. He’s asked to start a group on the far side of the stage. Oh, it’s that game again.

Lauren Alaina is next. Jimmy thought she did Flat on the Floor great, but on Unchained Melody, he thought she pulled back on the biggest note. What happened was her fear overcame her performance and will keep her out of the final if it continues. He predicts she’ll be in the bottom two because of that. Ryan Seacrest has her start a group on the near side of the stage.


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