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Amazing Race: Unfinished Business – Ep 10 – Bad Clue Reading Strikes Again!

Route Markers
• Interesting, this season is the only season ever to feature just one non-elimination leg. Granted, there were two double Super Legs, but just one true non-elim.
• I misheard Phil and thought he said the Racers were at Moe’s Restaurant and was hopeful it was Moe’s Tavern. Alas.
• Teams had $1 for this leg of the Race – I wonder if the Goths gave it back like Andre/Damon did in AR3. Flight Time is hoping to be rich enough to give back to Phil at the Finish Line.
• Gary being awesome – there should be a website for that – knowing to follow the “waffled shoe crater marks” to find the electric taxi. Singlehandedly pulling the mannequin out of the snow. Dude is pretty awesome. Except when he suggests they could “jump Kent/Vixen on the way” – perhaps that was an unfortunate choice of words. It led to an unfortunate mental image.
• Taxi Bolero? Am I dating myself by saying this reminded me of Bo Derek? (NSFW, for the most part)
• How about the cinematography during the mountain shots! Breathtaking. Of course, my mind went right to how it reminded me of the Misty Mountains. Zev went to Inception, the third ring of dreams. That should be the new Swiss tourist slogan. Come To Switzerland – The Third Ring of Dreams, where you may find a hidden city of the dwarves.
• Kisha to Jen in the crevice, regarding the guy they had to save – “Is he cute?”
• And, by the way, anyone else go right to “127 Hours” as they dropped down that hole?
• The Zev/Justin comedy team – “There might be something, move your foot.” “That is my foot.”
• Zev – “It’s just painting with food. I can handle painting.” And later, as Willy Wonka poured chocolate into the mold and explained how it would get heavier, “Thanks, Captain Obvious.” Heh. I once wrote a terrible comedy sketch in college based around the superhero Oblivious Man – superpower is that when he doesn’t pay attention to anything he can’t be harmed – and his arch-rival Captain Obvious, who is incapable of sublety. I expect the movie rights to be optioned soon.
• Even better chocolate pouring moment (rare you get to say that), Flight Time’s little dance, egged on by Big Easy. “Stir it like coffee!”
• Winners of the leg get to go to the Cook Islands, where they will be divided by race.
• Funniest line – Vixen, in all seriousness (I think, I am hoping for very dry sarcasm), saying that Kent was the best teammate. Based on what we just witnessed for 10 weeks, not so much.

DetourSearch – Dig up a dummy, using a GPS device, that has supposedly been buried in an avalanche or Rescue – Rappel down a crevice, clip a fallen hiker, and have your teammate pull you both back up using a rescue pulley device thingy. Zev/Justin and Garlory do Search, while the Goths, Sisters and Trotters do the Rescue. Kent, Jen and Flight Time go down to do the rescue.

Roadblock – Make a chocolate Roaming Gnome. Vixen, Flight Time, Jen, Mallory and Zev take the task.

Order of Finish – Trotters, Sisters, Garlory, Zev/Justin, and the penalized Goths (ELIMINATED)

Next Week – Brazil. Waxing. KELLY CLARKSON!! Dancing. Trolley’s. The Florida Keys. Phil and the 18th team to call themselves winners of the Amazing Race.

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