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American Idol 10, May 4 – Everyone's In It to Win It

Jacob was coming up dry for ideas on what to sing for his oldie, and Jimmy came up with the idea of Love Hurts by Nazareth. After Haley, maybe no one should take Jimmy’s suggestions anymore. Jacob wasn’t sure about doing a rock song. Jimmy remarks Jacob could go and do another Luther Vandross song, but it could get him in trouble. Sheryl sings the song softly with him at Jimmy’s request. Hearing her do it so tender, Jacob felt it and fell in love with it. He’s nervous about doing it, but knows he has to take a risk to stay. Sheryl thinks people will love him out of his genre. It works on him much better than the Jordin Sparks song, that’s for sure. This is one time Jimmy’s suggestion was the right one.

Steven tells Jacob he’s a sucker for passion, and he felt it again. Jacob may have gotten a little lost in the song, but what a delivery and beautiful thing. Everyone got lost in him, because he got lost in the song. Jennifer doesn’t know if everyone heard his little bobble in the middle, but he brings out the tricks at the end. He brought it home and was so amazing. When you hear that type of vocal it takes you to a different place.

Randy finds that this is what’s good about nights like tonight. He redeemed himself with this one. He thinks that could have been the highest note every sung on this stage. It’s “Mariah Carey-like.”

Kelly Preston and Anthony Hopkins are in the audience tonight to hear Lauren sing Unchained Melody, aka Simon’s favorite, and her mom and dad’s song. Jimmmy tells her to put herself into the song. He knows everyone knows the song from the movie Ghost, and everyone relates powerful emotions to it. Sheryl thinks it takes a lot of maturity to sing it. She thinks Lauren showed a lot of vulnerability, and that we’ll be really impressed with Lauren. Singing it tonight, it’s the vocals we heard from her in her audition.

Jennifer tells Lauren there’s nothing to judge there. It was a beautiful song sung beautifully by her. Randy thinks we saw a different side of her tonight with the R&B runs. She can sing like a bird and proved it to get here. He’s happy to see this tonight, as she has her country vibe and this too. Steven loved the song and found it perfect. Like Jennifer said, there’s nothing to judge. She’s just beautiful.

Scotty is singing Always on My Mind by Elvis Presley. Jimmy tells him he came in here as a real artist. Everyone keeps telling him to be who he is, but stretch. He knows sometimes it’s an oxymoron. He tells Scotty to not try to compete with the other contestants, and just stay true to who he is. Sheryl lives in Nashville, and can’t wait for Scotty to move there and have a great singing career. Yes Randy, he’s in it to win it tonight. He can do the hopped up country and can do tender as well.

Between his first song and this one, Jennifer thinks it shows us what a well-rounded artist Scotty is. He can do anything, rock out, mix it up, then captivate everyone with his sweet voice. There’s nothing awkward about him whether he’s running or sitting, and it’s the mark of a true competitor. Randy tells him they call him their youngest veteran. The two things he always feels they see in him are “If it ain’t broke don’t fix it,” and “he does what he loves.”

Steven tells him when he speaks quietly and does the simplyest of things, it can get the loudest reaction. He loves it. Scotty’s been taking us all down the trail, and he thinks it’s going to be hard for America to vote this year. Everyone’s been so good tonight, and he just can’t pick that performance apart. Ryan mentions Scotty’s Puerto Rican heritage, and he shows his 100% Puerto Rican grandma in the audience. Asked what she thinks, she says, “He’s my Scotty.”

Haley is going to close the show with House of the Rising Sun by The Animals. Jimmy thinks if she would have been around in the 60s, she would have sung this song, as it’s right out of her book. Sheryl suggests she sing it a cappella and let it sit for a little bit, with a little drama, im the beginning. Sheryl thinks people will be shocked, as she’s interpreting it differently than she’s ever heard it, and thinks people will love it. She indeed starts a cappella, and is indeed smoking with it, going back and forth between low and growling.

After a judges’ standing ovation, Randy says what he loves is that every week someone comes out slaying it like they really want to win it. The best performance of the night goes to Haley. She’s grown by leaps and bounds. Steven can really relate to sweet and sour and raspy, and that really sold the song, and he thinks she sold everyone tonight. Jennifer doesn’t know if she came out a little angry at them, but whatever that emotion was in the beginning, the song has never been sung like that before.

Jennifer is glad the voting is up to the fans and not her. They had some super strong perfromances, and some came out and killed it both times. She doesn’t want to see any of them go. The fans are calling for a Jacob Lusk dismissal. Let’s see if it happens on Thursday night.

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