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The Amazing Race, May 1 – Critical Mistake Takes Another Team Out

Now that the gnomes are unmolded, they have to do touchup with the “paint.” Kent tells Vyxsin she has a “pretty gnome,” as Big Easy advises Flight Time to make sure his is pretty too. Vyxsin’s is cleared first, and they get the real gnome and the next clue. Big Easy tells Flight Time to hurry up so they can catch up with those two. The next clue tells the racers to make their way on foot to an old Swiss cabin below the Matterhorn, the pit stop for this leg of the race.

Flight Time finishes his gnome, and he and Big Easy take off, followed by Kisha/Jen and Gary/Mallory. Zev is still waiting for his to chill. Kisha and Jen ask for directions from a taxi driver, as Gary and Mallory do the same. Finally Zev’s gnome is done chiling, and he heads back inside to finish up.

Kisha wants to catch a cab, but Jen tells her it has to be on foot. Kent and Vyxsin still don’t know where they’re headed yet, while Gary tells Mallory they do. Kent and Vyxsin make a huge mistake and get in a cab. That’s not a penalty they want when they’re that tightly bunched together. Kent’s proclaiming it will be a full-on thrill to get to the mat before the other teams. Zev finishes and gets the real gnome and the clue.

Kent and Vyxsin see another team running in front of them. Vyxsin says she’s nervous and doesn’t feel good about it. She doesn’t think correct to be riding in the cab when the others are running. Kent tells her he doesn’t care as he has his blinders on. Zev and Justin ask an ambulance for directions.

The first team to the pit stop are Flight Time and Big Easy who are now in first place. They have won a trip for two to the Cook Islands. Big Easy says they got a chance to come back and redeem themselves and maybe get a slam dunk for the victory. I guess Kent didn’t beat them after all. Kisha and Jen are the next team onto the mat, and are greeted by a St. Bernard. They’re named team number two.

The Goth Couple get out at the cab and are told they’re the third team, but they have a thirty-minute penalty after not arriving on foot as their clue asked them to do. They reread the clue as she asks Kent how they missed it. He says he doesn’t know, but she read it first, clearly putting the blame on her. Perhaps she was too busy lifting his hood and wiping his nose.

Gary and Mallory arrive and are named team number three. As Zev and Justin are running to the pit stop, Zev falls. They try climbing over a fence to make it to Murini, but they’re at the wrong place. A woman advises them to go back down to find the right place.

The Goth Couple are still arguing, as she tells him not to blame her. Zev and Justin come running in and are told they are the last team to arrive, but because Kent and Vyxsin got a penalty, they’re officially team number four and still in the race. Zev tells him they’ll take that. Justin knows it’s not their best race, but says they’re humbled by it, and appreciative of it.

Kent and Vyxsin are eliminated, as Phil guesses it’s not the way they wanted to go out. Kent knows every team goes home with that one fatality moment, and this one is theirs. She notes even if they have their moments, they’re best friends, and are going to end it cuddling and happy. She feels sorry for the teams that are left, as she’s taking the best teammate with her. Oh, the one that just blamed the loss on you? I’m pretty sure the others aren’t hurting too much over that.

Next week is the two-hour season finale, and with everyone bunched up tightly, and at least one flight, and probably two, ahead of them, it’s truly anyone’s game. These four teams are still on their second chance. They all need to keep avoiding the mistakes or bad luck that took them out the first time. And for Jen, she just needs to make sure she doesn’t take a pee break.

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