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The Amazing Race, May 1 – Critical Mistake Takes Another Team Out

Justin tells Zev he is running out of strength. They don’t know what to do and wonder if they’re going to be out there forever. Justin explains they dug straight down and under the body, so there is no way to make any progress. They reaize where they need to start digging to free the legs, and get those out. They wonder if breaking his legs off makes it a good rescue.

The other four teams reach the bottom of the mountain and find the next cluebox, a Roadblock. One person from each team will need to create a Travelocity Roaming gnome in chocolate and get approval from the head chocolatier. If it passes the muster, they’ll trade the chocolate gnome for a real one with the next clue attached. Vyxsin, Flight Time, Mallory, and Jen decide to work with the chocolate. Mallory just wants to eat the gnome, But it’s the racers not participating who get to eat chocolate while they wait. How could you not?

Zev and Justin finally get the top half of their rescued body dug out and realize they’re probably in last place. They take the helicopter to the train station, where they discuss their situation while they wait the next train. Justin is figuring one of the other teams switched Detours and is still out there.

As Vyxsin is looking for an exact match on her gnome, Kent tells her not to get caught up in minutiae. She just wants to get it right. Strategically the best thing to do is work on one half, put it in the freezer, and start working on the other half. Although Kent gets that mixed up and suggests putting one half in the oven. He keeps saying it over and over, no matter how many times Vyxsin corrects him to “freezer.” Mallory notes later she couldn’t take it, as it was driving her nuts.

Zev and Justin reach the Roadblock finally, and Zev knows he has to do it, as he’s only done three, while Justin has done five. It’s okay, as Zev says he can handle painting with food. Kent is still going on, telling Vyxsin to keep it fast. She knows she’s having a hard time with the detail, saying she’s getting it way later than everyone else.

Vyxsin sticks her first half in the bottom of the freezer. As she announces this, Flight Time has his mixed up with Kisha’s, and they’re pulling all of them out trying to figure out whose is whose. He ends up with the one on the bottom. Vyxsin tells him it’s hers and to please put it back. He asks who has his. Big Easy and Kisha are saying Vyxsin didn’t even do a bottom part of the gnome yet. Zev announces, “I think there are too many cooks in the kitchen.”

Flight Time realizes he just has to start over on the bottom half, but Big Easy is upset, saying there’s no way Vyxsin could have gotten two halves done. This has Kent, who comes up to about Big Easy’s belly button, asking if he’s actually blaming them. Big Easy tells him he’s not blaming anybody, which Kisha says is sweet. I think she’s sweet on him. Mallory advises if Vyxsin took it, she needs to give it back. Big Easy doesn’t want to talk about it. Later, Vyxsin, through tears, says she just wants them to grow up, as she doesn’t appreciate being treated like that.

Vyxsin gets her next half checked over by the head choclatier, and Justin realizes they still have a shot at it. Kisha and Big Easy play with each other, with him pinching her trying to get her to laugh. She says it was mean of him, as Gary cracks up.

Flight Time gets done painting his mold and starts filing it with choolate. Big Easy is telling him to shake his hips to get the chocolate all over the mold. The chocolatier tells him to do that to the gnome body, not his own. He now has to go cool it down for at least a half hour, and does that by burying it outside in the snow.

Jen is the next one to head to the snow, followed by Vyxsin and Mallory. Kent is doing the “he’s cuckoo” sign next to his head at Big Easy. Really? Are we in Kindergarten? He announces when the Globetrotters don’t get their way, they start yelling. He furthers it saying they kicked their ass the last leg, and they’re going to do it again today. Not very wise when the Globetrotters are leading, and the Goth Couple are in third place.

As Zev gets his mold filled with chocolate, the chocolatier tells him it’s getting heavy because of the chocolate. He replies, “Thanks, Captain Obvious.” He’s sent down to the snow where everyone else is waiting. Flight Time starts unmolding his, followed by Jen, Vyxsin, and Mallory, leaving Zev out there still waiting for his to chill.


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