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The Amazing Race, May 1 – Critical Mistake Takes Another Team Out

Gary and Mallory decide to do Search. Kisha and Jen land and are amazed they’re in the middle of the mountains. Jen has decided to do the rappeling, since she isn’t afraid of heights. She just wants to know if the guy she’s rescuing is cute. The Goth Couple also decide to do Rescue, and as they take off in the helicopter, Kent announces this is why they call it “Amazing.” The Globetrotters have also decided to do Rescue.

Zev and Justin are still digging, saying this is the tough part, not the actual finding of the body. Gary and Mallory arrive, as Zev and Justin are still digging. The Goth Cople lands, and he says he’s never been in this kind of cold before in his life. We’re in negative temps here in Chicago sometimes during the winter, and I don’t envy them. He has someone there warm up his hands for him, as he has a frozen snot hanging off his nose.

Kisha is still lowering Jen down. She gets her rescue clipped in as Kent is being lowered down. He imagines someone being stuck down in a little crevase, and suddenly “Kent and Vyxsin show up on the scene coming down in the hole to get you.” Vxysin figures people would want to wait for the next rescue team.

The Globetrotters arrive as Big Easy lowers Flight Time down. Kent is telling Vyxsin to lower him down further. He tells her to stop, yells it in fact, but she keeps going. He tells her she has gone too far, but she just keeps reeling him down more. She finally hears him and stops. He starts clipping in to the rescue.

As Justin digs, Zev jokes they were going to save the body, but it may already be dead. Zev thinks he hits something, but it’s Justin’s foot. Gary and Mallory are digging as well. Kisha is pulling Jen up, saying she looks light, but she’s kind of heavy. She thinks her head takes up more weight. Kisha finally gets her pulled up, as Vyxsin is working on pulling Kent back up. Big Easy starts raising Flight Time as well.

As Mallory digs and digs, Gary tells her to watch it as she’s hitting him in the face. Regardless, they get their body. Well, just the body. The legs are still buried. Kisha and Jen raise their rescue and get the next clue. The teams now have to take the helicopter to a nearby ski resort to find a nearby train to head back down the mountain to then head to Le Petit Cervin to get the next clue.

The Goth Couple are still trying to raise their rexcue. Vyxsin, who has been reeling the whole time, tells Kent to to get the man they are rescuing, but he says he can’t, so she makes him do the reeling, as she goes in to pull this man up. They get it done and get the next clue, as she finally tells him to wipe his nose. Seriously, can the guy do anything for himself?

Big Easy is still working on pulling up Flight Time as the pulley starts cracking. He explains this is why he didn’t go down, as pulling up 200 pounds is easier than pulling up 270. He finally makes it up, as Zev and Justin find their body who is stuck in the snow. Gary and Mallory work on getting the legs out. Gary is having a hard time breathing. Still, Mallory doesn’t think him being the oldest one left is holding him back. Flight Time and Big Easy finish their Rescue and get the next clue.

Zev and Justin end up burying their body again, and Gary and Mallory are still working on the legs. They finally get the lower half of the body out and announce he’s alive. Gary thinks this frozen man in two pieces is going to make it! They leave and see Zev and Justin still digging, and realize they’re the last ones out there.

Kisha and Jen reach the ski resort and ask where to catch the train. They start running when they see the Goth Couple arriving in the helicopter. Kisha is ready for beaches and palm trees. All four racers reach the train station and find the next train leaves at 11:08 AM.

Gary and Mallory arrive and meet up at the train station with the others, as the Globetrotters arrive as well. Gary and Mallory announce they don’t think Zev and Justin are going to make the train, as they were still digging when they left. True enough, the train takes off as Zev and Justin are still digging, which Gary notes will give the others at least a twenty-five minute jump on them. With the Cowboys out, Zev and Justin, having won four legs, are now the next ones the others need to get out.


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